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Burlap Mesh Rolls - 21" x  5 Yards - Several Colors

Burlap Mesh Rolls - 21" x 5 Yards - Several Colors

Our fabulous Burlap Mesh has sewn edges with a wonderful fringed trim on the sides. Cut it with scissors to any size you like. The material is soft and easy to work with. This natural burlap mesh is used for many craft projects including wreath making, centerpiece creations and even gift wrapping! Cover objects with this fabulous material to give it a Rustic Elegant look. You might even use this fabric to cover tables, mantles, and more. You'll get a Burlap Mesh Decorative Wrap Roll that's 21" wide and 5 Yards Long.

ShopWildThings Burlap Mesh (Sometimes Called Jute Mesh) is available in 9 Colors: Red, White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Natural and Brown.
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