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Chandelier "Bubbles" Black Velvet Shade & Clear Glass Balls

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43 inches
16 inches
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Item Description
Black Velvet Drum Chandelier "Bubbles" With 36 Hand Blown Glass Balls, Shade is 10" Long x 16" Wide with a 14" Long Chain, Total Length 43"

Visually stunning, our "Bubbles" Chandelier is a conversation piece that is not only functional but it can also pass for artwork! The shade is 10" long by 16" wide with a black velvet covering. Bubbling down in 2 tiers are 12 strands of hand blown glass bubbles strung on thin, flexible wire. There are 36 bubbles measuring 1 1/2" to 3" wide and they're slightly oval with a dimple here and there. The chain is 14" long and from top to bottom, the total length is 43". This chandelier can also sit atop a tall riser to create a dazzling floor lamp or accent piece.

This is a chandelier decoration and does not come with a Light Cord Kit but it is designed to hold one. The center of the chandelier already has the hardware needed to hold the light kit in place. Optionally you can place a large LED light saucer on the light frame or create an impressive floor chandelier by placing Bubbles on a Height Adjustable Riser.

This awesome chandelier comes with the glass balls carefully packaged. There are 6 strand variations and you will receive 2 of each variation. Each comes in a numbered box, sealed in bubble wrap. These numbers correspond to a number on the tiers for easy assembly. Please take care when opening the bubble wrap so the balls don't break and you don't cut through the wire strands.
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Chandelier "Bubbles" Black Velvet Shade & Clear Glass Balls
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