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Using Riser Stands for Centerpieces, Floor Designs and Aisle Decor

Using Riser Stands for Centerpieces, Floor Designs and Aisle Decor

Florals, Chandeliers and Candles on Centerpiece Risers Work Magic at Ceremonies and Receptions!

When you have a large venue to transform into a custom event, you"re working on a deadline, and you want to give your clients the best return on every dollar that they spend, our risers offer unparalleled value and flexibility and tons of design impact.

At a luxury reception in a cavernous venue, our risers can be topped with jewel toned florals and suspended chandeliers to create a jaw-dropping aisle for the bride"s grand entrance. Add Hanging Votives for a touch of romance and mystery. Best of all, everything but the florals are reusable, so these key pieces will work for your clients throughout this event season and many more, allowing you to give your brides an excellent value for every unbelievable look.

Crystal Bead Strands are suspended from these overflowing gold urns of fuchsia and red florals, and the strands tie the scene together by repeating the sparkle element in a subtle way. For florals that guests will see only from a distance, we stock tons of Ultra Premium Faux Floral options that will slash your florist bill without sacrificing the overall effect of your event. They"re perfect for elements like the top of the ceremony space. We even carry premade floral walls that combine competitive pricing and ease of setup for a win-win that you and your brides will appreciate.

Reception Centerpieces with WOW! Factor

A large reception venue dotted with tall, elegant centerpieces is the gold standard in luxury event design. We love these hot pink and red floral toppers, and Hanging Glass Globes and crystal bead strands complete these high impact tablescapes. With risers at different levels, these floral-and-bead confections are conversation-friendly centerpieces that offer a huge return on your design effort and investment. Simple changes to the floral toppers allow event professionals to create unique look after unique look, event to event, week in and week out.

To complete the ambience of refined elegance, add vases and candle holders from our gold Prestige Collection. Our Prestige Line is one of our most popular ever ~ and we bet that"s because they require minimal setup, offer tons of reflective bling, and come in a variety of complementary sizes and styles to complete your look in a way that is thoroughly pulled together without being matchy-matchy.

As we enter the busy fall season of weddings and gala events, we continue to source the best quality event Decor products at competitive prices from our suppliers around the world. You"ll see the ShopWildThings difference from the moment that you receive your shipment of well packed, high quality pieces, and they"ll keep working for you for events and seasons to come.

Not sure what you need to make your creative vision a reality? Give our friendly customer service folks a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you find just the right pieces in just the right quantities to bring sparkle and elegance to your events.

Whether you"re at the pinnacle of your profession, or you"re a rising star looking to make your mark with signature events in your area, we have the products, the knowledge, and the customer service to become your go-to source for the attention-grabbing bling that will make your events memorable. And don"t forget that we also carry the behind-the-scenes helping tools that make set-up and break-down efficient and hassle-free.

We"re a proudly family-owned company with friendly employees and a real commitment to our customers. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 to help getting what you need selected, ordered, packed, and shipped in plenty of time to wow your clients and their guests at your fall and winter events.
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