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Centerpiece "Elevate" Kit - Crystal "Topper" on 22" Riser

Item #: 999164
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22 inches
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Item Description
ShopWildThings is proud to offer our newest "Elevate" Chandelier Centerpiece Kits that really make your event table decorating a snap. We know that it's hard to figure out what to put at each table when you're having a party or event. Our kits are designed to fit together in just a couple of minutes.

Each Centerpiece Kit comes with the Centerpiece Riser and with the Chandelier Topper. You can use the topper later as a hanging decoration, too!

The "Elevate" Chandelier Centerpiece Kits come with perfectly clear acrylic parts. The center tube is hollow and it is 1.5" wide. Our Submersible LED Lights fit beautifully inside of them. Everywhere that you see a round disc, there is a space to place an LED Light. You can even place an LED disc on top for down lighting, too! The tubes can be filled with Jelly Decor (we sell it!), Diamond Confetti, Pearls and more.

This "Elevate" Chandelier Centerpiece Kit Comes With:

1) "Chandelier Topper" (11.5" Diameter, 10" Length.)

2) "Elevation" Acrylic Riser Kit (22" Tall): 12" Base, 2" Tube, 8" Tube, 6" Middle Plate, and an 8" Top Plate. The overall built height is 22". The Tubes are hollow and are 1.5" in diameter.

Another great feature of this kit is that the parts can be used separately. You can HANG the chandelier as well! We LOVE double duty pieces! By the way, you save a few bucks when you purchase these kits!

We also carry many beaded curtains, backdrops, strands of beads and more that match this centerpiece beautifully.

Please Note: For our 29" and 39" Kits, we recommend filling up the tube with some weight or gluing the bottom plate to a wide mirror to increase stability. You might also choose to glue the parts together for added stability. You will want to tape the chandelier frame to the top plate so that it does not slip around and also tape the LED Saucer to the top of the Chandelier. This will allow you to feel comfortable that the tall centerpiece kits will not topple over during your event. For tape, we love using U Glu Dashes (we sell it) because they are super sticky and are hardly visible (it's like that sticky stuff that comes on the back of a new credit card in the mail).
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