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Upscale Retail & Restaurant Decor Features Metal Chain Curtains & Greenery Walls

Upscale Retail & Restaurant Decor Features Metal Chain Curtains & Greenery Walls

Color Us Green with Interest: Greenery Wall as Luxury Retail Décor

We were traveling this month and were delighted to find this imaginative use of Faux Greenery Panels in the recently remodeled Fort Lauderdale airport. This attractive, eye-catching store entrance is high impact, low maintenance, and perfectly suited to lure shoppers inside for a quick fix of retail therapy as they head to tropical destinations throughout the Caribbean.

Our faux floral and greenery panels look so real that we found people sneaking up to the glass and peeking in at angles in an effort to prove that the panels were not, in fact, faux. (We may or may not be referring in part to a husband on the trip.)

We love the flexibility and simple chic of this asymmetrical but balanced design, and we know that the retailer loves the ease of setup and lack of maintenance requirements.

Destination Fabulous: Aruba Resorts Feature Metal Chain Curtains

As if spotting ShopWildThings event décor in the airport while on vacation weren’t enough, we also snapped a few more pictures to prove that it’s actually everywhere, including Aruba’s classic resorts. With a climate that can produce quite a bit of wear and tear and a tourist season that lasts almost the entire year, Aruba attracts travelers from all over the world, and its resorts have to prioritize both form and function in their interior design choices.

We first encountered our Metal Chain Curtains at the Rui Antilles’s coffee house (2nd photo), where this flexible window dressing option evokes a sophisticated vibe and offers a peek at the elegant interior for passers by, without putting patrons totally on display.

In the 3rd photo, a closeup of the curtains shows that the Riu Antilles opted for some of our In Stock Silver Chain Curtains, which offer unparalleled value and are super low maintenance even in difficult environments.

Meanwhile, at the Riu Palace’s Japanese Restaurant (4th photo), diners are treated to excellent food in a striking themed eatery that is popular with guests of the all-inclusive resort. Again, Metal Chain Curtains offer alluring glimpses that entice people inside while giving diners a bit of privacy, too. We love the use of color here, and the flexibility and low maintenance are key features in a resort that doesn’t sleep.

In the last photo, this closeup view shows how easy it is to keep metal chain curtains clean and dust free even on a desert island. We love the creative use of color, and we are equally happy to ship your favorites from our large selection of in stock metal chain curtains or to Special Order Custom Metal Chain Curtains just for you.

Retail spaces and restaurants are ideal applications for many of our favorite products, with floral and greenery wall panels and metal chain curtains being several of our most popular products for those spaces.

Wondering how metal chain curtains can fit your restaurant or retail concept? Ready to try something different but not quite sure where to start? Know what you need but not sure how many, what colors options, and what support system will be required? We can help.

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you why the biggest names in the wedding and event industry ~ and some of the most popular resorts in the world ~ choose our products again and again.
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