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Color Overhead|Chandeliers Add Spice On Top

Color Overhead|Chandeliers Add Spice On Top

Word association games are another one of those little secret fun things that we like here at ShopWildThings. We’re pretty wholesome folks, but you do get a sense of what we are like if you play this game around here.


Hot = David Bromstad
Sexy = David Bromstad
Chain Curtains = David Bromstad

You get the idea.

When we play the game with chandeliers, the first images/words that pop up for us are ballrooms and huge, sparkling lights for big, formal spaces.

But one of the trends that we’re loving right now is the dressing up of non-ballroomy spaces with pretty, more formal lighting ~ like chandeliers. Sometimes they work as a counterpoint in a more informal room, and sometimes they blend perfectly into a dressed up space. But in lots of ways that we don’t first expect, they just work.


In the main photo, this pretty, traditional chandelier over a kitchen island. (Note the gold ~ it’s warm, it’s elegant, and it’s back, y’all.)

In the 2nd photo, another fabulous kitchen starring twin chandeliers for light and look…

In the 3rd photo, a funky, colorful accent in an otherwise rustic chic living room…

A traditional fixture for a traditional little girl’s room (4th photo)

… or in the final photo…

A colorful chandelier fit for any princess…

So, if you are looking for a way to add an element of the unexpected to any room… It’s no secret that we are huge fans of all kinds of lighting, from the uplighting that turns Beaded Curtains into shimmering, glimmering walls of gorgeousness to the Candles that spell romance in receptions and boudoirs.

And we’re pretty sure that whether your room calls for traditional or modern, color or monochromatic, bright or filtered, a chandelier is a great first choice for completing your space.
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