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Chandeliers as Cost Effective Wedding and Reception Focal Points

Chandeliers as Cost Effective Wedding and Reception Focal Points

If words like "expensive" and "difficult" pop into your head when you consider installing temporary chandeliers in an event venue, you owe it to yourself to read this post. There are very few decor pieces that have the wow! impact of chandeliers. Ours bring that jaw drop factor with tons of color and size options. What they have in common is ease of installation and tear down, and cost effectiveness. We even have an exclusive line that folds for transport and storage, and can be used either as chandeliers or on tabletops as centerpieces.

Temporary Crystal Chandeliers for Weddings

Chandeliers paired with swagged fabric transform this huge event venue into a custom, intimate space. These bling-intensive chandeliers reflect the room"s gorgeous natural light, lower the visual height of the ceiling, and serve as an elegant repeated element to tie the wedding and reception together. A rucheDecord cover is a simple way to disguise the chandelier"s wiring, which plugs into an extension cord or outlet | just like a lamp. Add bead strands for even more sparkle and drama.

Chandelier Closeup

This room view shows how the repetition of chandeliers throughout the venue ties together the ceremony space and the reception areas. The large chandeliers in the aisle, paired with the smaller ones throughout the reception, add a layer of sophistication and polish to the room that is unique to this event.

Chandeliers and Centerpieces Complement Each Other

This image shows how mid-sized chandeliers and tall centerpieces work together for a unifying effect in a huge venue. The mid-sized chandelier brings the ceiling height down, and the tall, tiered centerpiece collaborates with the chandelier to create an intimate bistro feeling for each table of twelve. Best of all, the centerpiece elements and the chandelier are all reusable for future events, making them a decor must-have for every professional event designer ~ and an awesome way to set oneself apart from the competition.

We love the tealights suspended in the branches of this dramatic centerpiece. Again, a budget-friendly idea that doesn"t sacrifice a bit on style.

We know that you have options when you order Decor pieces for your weddings and events. We also know (firsthand, unfortunately) the letdown of thinking you have found an "it" product, only to be disappointed in the quality, customer service, or all around experience. That"s why we pride ourselves on doing that screening for you~ and on creating a curated collection of fabulous pieces by sourcing only the best products in event decor, on training our customer service folks to be friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable, and on treating your business like we want people to treat us ~ as important and valuable.

We travel to some pretty far off places to find the products that we sell, and we test them at our warehouse to be sure that we describe them accurately. Many of our products are exclusive pieces that we helped create, and that you can only get at ShopWildThings. That"s how we know that we can offer superior quality at competitive prices, and that our products will stand up to years of use, event after event. Because after all, isn"t that the definition of great value?

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you get the perfect pieces to you well packaged, on time, and ready to make your next event sparkle.
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