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Chandeliers "Bejeweled" Crystals

Chandeliers "Bejeweled" Crystals

Our Bejeweled Acrylic Crystal Pendant Chandeliers are available in Crystal Clear, Pastel Rainbow or Amber BRown Beads. You will be BLOWN AWAY that the crystals are not actual glass.

ShopWildThings carries all types of chandeliers from Swirling Spirals, Crystal Fountains, and more. These are fabulous for parties, weddings and events as well as for home use. At last count, we had more than 200 Chandelier styles available at price points from $20 to $500.

View & Order ShopWildThings Bejeweled Chandeliers below, or see our entire HUGE Chandelier Collection HERE!

Our Bejeweled Chandeliers come with a light kit that you can use OR omit. They take just a standard size light bulb and plug in to the wall. When choosing a ShopWildThings ceiling fixture, just remember that hanging from an actual ceiling is TOTALLY optional! Our Chandeliers are used just as often for the tabletop. We have many options available for placing this chandelier on a table, so make sure to check out our Centerpiece Riser Kits!

Would you like for us to help you pair a Chandelier with some beaded curtains, candle holders, tabletop fabrics and floral Decor? We would love to help you. Just give our helpful staff a call.
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