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Chandeliers "Madison" 3 Tier

Chandeliers "Madison" 3 Tier

Our Chunky Gemstones Beaded "Madison" Acrylic Chandeliers are a hit for both home Decorators and event Decorators. The large beads on this Chandelier are faceted so that they catch the light beautifully. There is an iridescent coating on top of each bead that really adds to the sparkle factor here!

The Madison 3 Tiered Chandeliers are great for hanging in any event venue. The beads match all of our Acrylic Crystal beads, so you can hang them with our other chandeliers and they will all look fabulous together. We also offer matching Gemstone Beaded Curtains with both large and small beads.

View & Order ShopWildThings Madison Chandeliers below, or see our entire HUGE Chandelier Collection HERE!

Try placing this chandelier on the table for a centerpiece. They are short enough so that your guests will be able to see around the display and still talk to folks on the other side of the table. For your convenience, we've also created Centerpiece Kits that include this chandelier!

Make sure to take a look at the huge ShopWildThings selection of Crystal Tiered and Spiral Swirl Chandeliers. We also have coordinating Crystal Beaded Sparkle Columns to create a look that you'll be so proud of! Your guests will all ask for your Decorating secrets.
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