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Chandeliers "Mini Pops" 3 Tiers

Chandeliers "Mini Pops" 3 Tiers

The ShopWildThings cute Mini-Pop Chandeliers feature three tiers of swagged beads in fun colors. This adorable chandelier is perfect for parties as well as for home use. They come with an electrical plug-in kit so that you can just swag them from the ceiling! We also offer coordinating Mini Pop Beaded Curtains to match the Acrylic Beaded Chandeliers. To Decorate a room, one great look is to hang a beaded curtain behind a bed and/or in the windows, and then hang the matching chandelier in the same room.

View & Order ShopWildThings Mini Pop Chandeliers below, or see our entire HUGE Chandelier Collection HERE!

We have also put together some "Room-In-A-Box" kits to make Decorating a room very easy! You will get one bed canopy, one beaded curtain, and one chandelier with your order.

The ShopWildThings staff is also thrilled to help you find a look that you'll love at a price you will love, too. Just give us a call and we can coordinate your colors with you no matter if you are Decorating for one room or a huge event space!

The Mini Pops Chandelier bead is made out of High Quality Acrylic Beads that are faceted all the way around to really pick up the light.
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