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CLEARANCE Metallic Chrome Ceramic Owl - 14.25" Tall

Item #: 470013
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Item Specifics
6 1/2 inches
14 1/4 inches
Highly reflective
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Item Description
Whoooo loves owls? We do! Owls are awesome but we have 2 ceramic owls that have suffered minor chips so if you don't give a hoot about a small imperfection, you're gonna love these wide-eyed charmers! Since we cannot know which owl you will receive, we ask that you please be prepared to receive either one (the 2nd photo shows the chip on each). Both can be repaired or simply put a cute little beanie on them to hide the chips! How wise!

Our fascination with owls goes WAY back, and we're glad they're a hot Decor item! Our awesome Metallic Finished Ceramic Chrome Owl will be a favorite of yours for sure! Use him for events as part of your table Decor, or in your home or office. He's sure to be a hit. Stands 14.25" Tall x 6.5" in Diameter.

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CLEARANCE Metallic Chrome Ceramic Owl - 14.25" Tall
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