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CLEARANCE! Groovy Beaded Curtain "Prince William" - Gunmetal - 3' x 9' *D*

Item #: 19146
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Item Specifics
3 feet
9 feet
23 strands
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Item Description
Groovy Beaded Curtain, 3' by 9' Chunky Beaded Gunmetal Color Backdrop

Our super-awesome new "Prince William" Curtain features fun, funky and chunky ovals in three sizes alternating on the strand. The beads measure 1" x 1/2" and 1/4". The curtain is 3 Feet wide and 9 Feet long with 23 strands. The gunmetal color is sort of a cross between black and steel and has a slight metallic look to it. These beads are solid, light will not shine through them but will bounce off of the surface providing shine.

ShopWildThings beaded curtains are commonly used in windows and doors, but can also be featured as backdrops, room dividers and more. They are perfect for use in the home and for events. There are two metal eyelets on the top that slide back and forth so that you can easily hang it up. Simply remove it from the box, hang it on 2 hooks or nails, and you're done!
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CLEARANCE! Groovy Beaded Curtain "Prince William" - Gunmetal - 3' x 9' *D*
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