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Clear Transparent Acrylic Modern Wedding Arch 9.5' Tall x 9.25' Wide (2 LEGS + 2 BASES + 1 TOP)

Item #: 184003
Item Specifics
9.25 feet
9.5 feet
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Item Description
Transparent Acrylic Wedding Arch 9.5' Tall by 9.25' Wide Ceremony Structure, Decorate Hollow Legs With Flower Garlands, Crystal Strands and String Lights

This arch is already fabricated! In stock and ready to ship from our Arizona warehouse RIGHT NOW! Please see shipping info section below.

Totally transparent and beyond impressive, our Clear Acrylic 2 Post Arch exceeds the bar for creating outstanding ceremony settings that your clients and guests will be talking about forever! There are limitless ways to use this modern and sophisticated arch but first, the details! This arch is 9.5' tall by 9.25' wide by 13" deep and weighs 106 lbs. The top crosspiece is actually a 4" deep by 9" wide open tray with 4, 1/2" wide slots on the back to anchor large floral stems and décor. The bases and legs are hollow with 1/4" precut holes to secure additional décor and the acrylic is a hefty 5/8" thick. The bases themselves measure 13" square and 20" tall. The legs are placed on top of the bases. The top crossbar is 88" in length and then attaches to the inside of the legs. Please see the illustration. The bases are open on the backside and the legs are open on the top. The bases themselves measure 13" square and 20" tall. The legs are placed on top of the bases. The top crossbar is 88" in length and then attaches to the inside of the legs. The INSIDE measurement from base to base is 84". Please see the illustration.

And here's a super big detail – the pieces are interchangeable and this set fits together like giant legos so by purchasing additional sets, you can create a long straight backdrop, a corner shaped structure or any number of unique arrangements to accommodate a dance floor or seating areas (in other words, the crosspiece can pop into any side of the legs)! This open, transparent canvas with hollow legs offers endless decorating possibilities and for outdoor affairs, no more fighting with the wind!

Shipping Information: We regret that this oversized item does not qualify for the FREE SHIPPING offer. It will ship by truck, on pallets that are 10 Feet Long. We will need to check exact shipping to your location. We do not make money on shipping. Please select the shipping method "Truck Ship - We Will Call With Cost". We will get a Freight Quote for you right away and contact you with that information. Go ahead and submit your order online or call us on the phone at 928-855-6075. We will take care of getting the information that you need to complete your order as quickly as we can. We had to set this item up this way because the shipping varied too much across the country to have a "set price" that we felt was fair to all regions. This will allow us to charge exactly what we are charged instead of "close enough". We are shipping from Arizona. We have found that shipping from our place in Arizona to the East Coast (just about as far as you can go across the country!) runs from $440 to $550. If you're located closer to us, the price for shipping will be less. All shipping prices will include a lift gate (a special gate on the truck so that the pallet can be removed at the ground level). If you do not need a lift gate (for example if you have a forklift and loading dock at your place), we will be able to get the shipping costs lower. If you are shipping closer to us, of course the shipping will also be lower. We only charge exactly what we are charged for shipping.

Decorating ideas:
  • Use the abundant top tray to secure Cascading Florals, Flower Garlands and Leafy Green Vines
  • Use the slots in the back of the tray to hang large stemmed flowers, string lights or crystal beaded strands
  • Put curtain hooks in the holes on the front of the tray and hang Crystal Beaded Curtains (conceal the hooks & rods with flowers or tulle)
  • Suspend a single flower garland in each leg
  • Suspend sparkling crystal, silver or gold strands in each leg
  • Suspend string lights in each leg
  • Up light the legs with LED light discs
  • Use flameless LED candles in the bases
  • Fill the legs with balloons, butterfly garlands or tulle
  • Top each leg with a large floral arrangement or Pomander Kissing Balls
  • Add greenery, florals and/or lights to each base (the backside of the bases is open)
  • For a beach wedding, suspend strands of shells or driftwood garlands in each leg and add sand, shells and palm fronds to the bases
  • Using the numerous precut holes on the bases, legs and crosspiece, insert greenery or florals
This arch looks clean and sharp without any embellishments so depending on your clients' taste, add as little or as much to satisfy their style and this arch totally blends into ANY venue, inside or out. For weddings and special ceremonies, this is just as gorgeous on a beachfront, as a woodsy nook, a flowering botanical setting or on a golf course. For restaurants, bars, night clubs and hotel ballrooms, the ease of changing out the décor to fit the holiday or your theme makes this a pretty awesome accent piece, not to mention the dramatic photo backdrop that it makes!
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Clear Transparent Acrylic Modern Wedding Arch 9.5' Tall x 9.25' Wide 2 LEGS + 2 BASES + 1 TOP
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