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Colin Cowie Fabulous Meets Faux Floral Fantasy

Colin Cowie Fabulous Meets Faux Floral Fantasy

Flexible Faux Florals Draw Attention to the Spaces YOU Want to Highlight
Whether your venue has dated décor, high traffic areas, or exposed infrastructure, a neutral pipe and drape background, a lighted floral ceremony space, and a candle filled aisle will work overtime to establish the look that you want for your wedding (main photo). By trimming the bill for live florals to focus on the arrangements that your guests see up close, you can achieve an intensive floral look without the intense florist bill.

Warm amber lighting, layers of suspended cream or white florals, and floating candles in cylinder vases set a romantic, elegant tone for this ceremony. We recommend beginning your journey into faux florals with neutrals that can be transformed to work in any color scheme by adding event lighting.

Upscale Lounge Concept Equals Faux Floral Opportunity
As floral walls have transitioned from a rarity to a staple at upscale affairs (2nd photo), we have been asked often how to get this look for less. The sheer hours and quantity of stems involved in creating live floral walls makes them expensive, and if they’re in the budget, they are absolutely stunning. But if you want the look for less, our realistic looking Flower Wall Panels and greenery walls are a great solution that saves in materials costs (stems) and setup time. They’re also well suited to harsh climates where heat, wind, and rain would ruin live florals.

Elevated floral centerpieces are another application for both live and faux blooms. As the quality of faux florals has skyrocketed, using them where guests can really inspect them has become less scary. We still recommend live blooms for situations where the climate and your budget allow, but faux floral options are worth considering as well, especially where live blooms won’t hold up through the end of the event, or where setup and breakdown time is limited. In the 3rd photo, we love the candles in suspended glass globes, and Centerpiece & Floral Risers are workhorses that can support the heavy tiered florals above the table.

Providing the Best Value for a Luxury Budget
Most professional event designers dream of ascending to Colin Cowie like heights and working with budgets that know no bounds. In reality, though, every client wants the best value for her money, regardless of the number of zeroes in the budget. Faux florals in showstopping chandeliers (last photo) are the perfect example of substituting realistic faux options with no tradeoff in appearance or use. Our realistic faux florals simply look the same from afar, and they have so many advantages in terms of setup and breakdown that they simplify everything from timelines to staffing, and therefore maximize the budget with no dip in quality or appearance.

In short, you really can have your cake and eat it too ~ by judiciously swapping live florals out for realistic faux florals in places where the difference is not just subtle, but nonexistent. Well, except that faux florals are less expensive and easier to work with.

We take it as a point of pride in our family and in our business that we get the best value from every dollar that we spend, and we pass those savings along to our customers. We travel extensively to foreign manufacturers to source the best quality products so that we can bring you direct-to-client pricing on event décor staple pieces that will last for seasons upon seasons.

That’s why Colin Cowie relies on us for top shelf décor at wholesale prices, and it’s why we’re the go to source for elegant, quality products in the wedding and event industry. Let us show you why the best in the business choose us as their first choice source for event décor, whether they need large quantities of stock pieces shipped fast, or one-of-a-kind custom work created for career making events.

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you build your warehouse of easy-to-sell setups, add on trend new items, and replace worn out stock with products that will bring value, marketability, and years of service to your firm.
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