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Home  >  Design Dissection|Getting the Look You Love in a Tented Ceremony
Design Dissection|Getting the Look You Love in a Tented Ceremony

Design Dissection|Getting the Look You Love in a Tented Ceremony

This Palm Beach tented ceremony is the perfect chance to explore how top designers use a few key elements to create the ultimate Wow! factor for their clients ~ and to figure out how you can, too.

If you're new to wedding planning (or to being a bride) a tent can be a scary concept. A tent generally arrives as a set of large, white surfaces that need total transformation. In the hands of someone like Colin Cowie, this tented tabula rasa is an ideal venue for constructing a setting that is all about the bride and groom, their location, and their aesthetic.

In this luxury Palm Beach wedding, Colin Cowie brought enough of the tropics into the tent to meld the inside and the outside into one seamless wedding venue, while including glamorous signature details that are unique to this couple.

In particular, swagged neutral fabric and a row of Chandeliers on the ceiling set the stage for a wedding that is in tune with its location. With the addition of these design staples, the tent ceiling has simply disappeared, and a totally custom wedding venue has emerged in its place.

Colin's creative use of Shepherd's Hooks, grapevine and lanterns delineates an upscale aisle with a touch of romance. And since there are so many chairs needed to accommodate the guests at this couple's ceremony, he's transformed the chairs into art pieces as well. We adore the layering of different styles of chair covers, and we swooned over Colin's use of chair sashes over the backs of many of these charivari chairs, with embellishments that are tiny works of art.

Wherever your tented wedding and/or reception will take place, we suggest taking a page from the Colin Cowie play book as you transform your tent into an extension of the landscape, only better (and more comfortable).

If you're still a bit nervous about what to do with that broad expanse of white tent, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, or shoot us an email at We have a team of customer service folks who know how to get the best value from your design budget, and we can ship the Decor items that you need directly from our large warehouse in just days.
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