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Colin Cowie Wedding Reception Fabulousness with Sustainable Decor

Colin Cowie Wedding Reception Fabulousness with Sustainable Decor

Diamond Crystal Columns and Light Curtains Personalize A Large Venue
One of the greatest challenges in customizing a large room is to make the air space an asset without blowing the budget. Our sparkling diamond crystal columns are a glamorous, flexible way to turn a huge venue into an intimate, pulled together event space. Using several of our columns to anchor the focal point stage area is an ingenius way to maximize their visual impact, to direct guests" attention to the center of the festivities, and to get tons of wow! factor from Decor that is cost effective, easy to set up and break down, and reusable. Available in stock and in custom lengths, diamond crystal columns are a go to piece for professional designers who need style and flexibility to make brides" dreams come true in oversized venues.

Add our easy to use Lighting Kits with Remotes to further enhance diamond crystal columns, or pair the columns with professional event lighting for even greater impact. By choosing iridescent columns, you can turn them any color of the rainbow using these lighting solutions, further stretching your creativity and your clients" budgets as the columns move from event to event seamlessly.

The light curtain behind the columns in this setup adds an extra element of drama and impact, and it too is easy to install and break down. Made from high quality materials that will last for many seasons, light curtains are easily incorporated into theme after theme, at event after event. Giving the effect of a large expanse of starry nighttime sky, you'll find tons of applications for our well made light curtains and our diamond crystal columns at your 2018 events.

Ostrich Feathers Bring Old World Drama and Romance to Modern Events
Interspersing sustainable floral substitutes with live blooms is one of our favorite budget maximizing tips, and ostrich feathers are a great option to make your florist dollars go as far as they will stretch. Sexy, dramatic, and easy to set up, there"s so much to love about ostrich feathers.

In this event, they serve as toppers to our diamond crystal columns, where lighting increases their impact substantially. They are also used in gorgeous vases in place of live blooms. With swagged bead strands and candles in Mercury Glass Votives, these centerpieces are sumptuous, and their components are almost all sustainable and reusable. We kind of love it when great design is good for the environment and good for the bottom line ~ and doesn't sacrifice visual impact at all.

This candy bar shows another stellar space for Ostrich Feathers. Free from scents that might detract from your dessert confections, ostrich feathers bring height and drama in a much frequented area (we like candy!) at a modest cost. And again, in addition to being less expensive than live florals, they are also scent-free and reusable ~ a win/win/win for your brides.

We Love Live Blooms!
And in case you were concerned that we were anti flowers, please don't misunderstand. We absolutely love live blooms. For luxury, ambience, and beauty, few things compare to live florals. We just like to see them used where they provide the best return on brides" budgets. These low centerpieces are a great example of how good design maximizes value without sacrificing style.

Smaller numbers of low arrangements combined with centerpiece mirrors, pearl strands, ostrich feathers, and mercury glass votives will be a topic of conversation amongst your guests, who will be able to appreciate both their looks and the way that they allow conversation to flow across the table.

At the end of the day, we are a small family business, and we take your choice to work with us seriously. We value your business, and we look forward to helping you stand out in your local market by sourcing top quality products at competitive prices, and by bringing you real life inspiration from top designers who use our Decor pieces to create the looks that your brides want.

Give our friendly customer service representatives a call at 1-928-855-6075, and we will do our absolute best to help you meet your goals in terms of your market, your reputation, and your design.

Whether you need a few key pieces to freshen up your existing warehouse of design staples, or you need to start from scratch to create setups that will make you stand out as the up and coming designer brides must have, we will help you select the right pieces, stay within your budget, and get everything packed, shipped, and delivered to you in time for your next marquee event.

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