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Colin Cowie Weddings Go Green In Gorgeous Landmark Wedding Venues

Colin Cowie Weddings Go Green In Gorgeous Landmark Wedding Venues

Suspended Greenery Creates A Glorious Natural Setting for Wedding Vows

This arbor of grapevine, suspended arbor vitae, and cascading wisteria transport one lucky couple’s wedding ceremony from a landmark New York City venue to a wooded fairyland. Live greenery is perfection if your budget and setup timeframe allow, or consider our realistic Faux Greenery and Florals if you need the look within a tight set of parameters. This setup is super flexible, with the option to add color in the florals, candlelight in suspended glass globes, ribbons and so much more for custom looks weekend after weekend.

Colin Cowie Transforms The Most Recognizable Venue in NYC Into A Truly Custom Space with Greenery, Chandeliers and Lighting

If your vision encompasses a wedding at the timelessly elegant NYC Public Library, then the sky is the limit for décor and creativity. The scale of the venue gives your professional event designer almost endless options, and Colin Cowie is not one to neglect an opportunity to make a first-class impression on guests.

In the 2nd photo, a greenery wrapped structure supports large Crystal Chandeliers, also wrapped in greenery, and generous use of candles and greenery on the tables echoes the aerial fabulousness at each place setting. Truly a night to remember, this gala wedding brings powerful design impact, soft lighting and a harmonious balance of crystals and greenery together in a magical reception concept.

Accenting key areas of the reception is a delicate art, and this large candelabra (3rd photo) works its magic perfectly at the bar. We love the grand scale of the Candelabra, the whimsical greenery and florals and the addition of soft candlelight to this heavily traveled area of the reception.

For centerpieces and accent areas, this charming tableau (4th photo) featuring glass domes, fairy lights, Succulents and moss is perfect. This collection is inexpensive to assemble, entirely reusable, visually interesting and works with so many reception themes. Leave it to Colin Cowie to craft ingenious little gardens fit for the most elegant of fairies.

Whether you need a jumpstart of inspiration or have a vision that you need a bit of help bringing to fruition, we can help. We understand the event industry from the inside out, and we are ready to help you with the big impact pieces, the details that complete your look, and the project helping tools that bring everything together on a tight schedule.

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you why we are the choice of internationally known event design professionals like Colin Cowie when they need first-class products and top of the line service for their marquee weddings and events.
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