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MOVED TO 130001 - Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote 16 Colors

Item #: 690009
Item Specifics
4 inches
2 inches
remote compatible
Item Description
Color Changing LED Light Bulb With Multi-Function Remote, 9Watt Standard (or medium) Base with 16 Color Options

Our 16 Color Changing Light Bulb is a little powerhouse and you will not believe your eyes! This incredible little bulb screws into any existing medium base (standard E26/E27) light socket so it's ready to go right out of the box! For parties, dances, weddings and events, this dynamo will get the house rockin'!

There are 16 colors to choose from, including white, and with just a touch of the remote you can change the colors and the functions! In addition to the on/off and brightness control, the remote functions are flash, strobe, fade and smooth. Choose 1 color or automatically cycle through all the colors with a flash effect, strobe effect, fade from one color to the next or blend from one color to the next.

Many of our chandeliers can handle a standard light bulb kit, and you can create an event to remember by adding these bulbs that have a rainbow of colors to choose from. Check out the video below for a little demo! Use this 9 watt Color RGB LED Light Bulb at any function to really get the party started! The remote controller comes with a replaceable CR2025 lithium battery.

Multi-color, multi-function for multi-cool parties!
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MOVED TO 130001 - Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote 16 Colors
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