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Flower Wall 18" x 26" Premium Extra Full Silk Floral Mix Soft Purples & Pinks

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Item Description
Colorful flower wall for photo, head table or dessert table backdrop loaded with premium quality silk flowers in various shades of pink, purple and cream. Quick, snap together frames for creating floral scenery.

Lightweight, easy to use and easy on the budget, create your own floral paradise with our durable, bendable Silk Flower Wall Mat in dreamy shades of pink, purple and cream! Fully loaded with 4" wide roses and 2 1/2" wide hydrangeas, these artificial mats make it a snap to immerse yourself and your guests in tropical floral bliss! *The plastic frame is 15 1/2" by 23" but the flowers extend over the edges making the actual measurement about 18" by 26" and it's 3" deep! The yummy colors on the soft and silky blooms are tasteful and add just the right amount of sophistication and style to create an exciting and attractive backdrop. This wall only weighs 1.1 lb.

The flowers are attached to a sturdy, plastic grid frame that is completely flexible. To connect one or more mats, insert the plastic pegs on 1 wall into the holes on the 2nd wall and so on. You can attach as many mats as you need to cover areas small or large. The flowers extend over the edge of the mat so the grid is completely hidden. The mat is so flexible that you can actually attach the mat to itself, creating a circular floral vase! The grids are an inch square which makes it super easy to work with for attaching the frame to another surface or for intertwining Fairy String Lights and many of the colors of our Plumeria Flower Garlands perfectly match this flower wall.

We'd recommend floral wire or wire ties as an extra measure for keeping them secure or simply staple-gun the mat to a solid surface. Create breath-taking wedding and event decor by attaching to a trellis, gazebo or pavilion. Mix materials and fashion a stunning wall of flowers and Artificial Greenery & Foliage behind a head table which can double as an elegant photo backdrop. The plastic grid frame can easily be cut if need be. This purple, pink and cream panel also makes an exceptional border for cream or ivory floral wall mats like our Ivory Hydrangea Flower Wall or mixing with textures like our Boxwood Wall Mats creates a striking visual backdrop.

Budget friendly and lightweight, the design allows for many display possibilities and it works well to mask columns, walls and doors. Making over a ceiling with floral canopies is easier than ever with this awesome flower wall and for added glam, you can attach Sparkling Crystal Garlands and Pendants.

Many, many ways to use this Floral Wall Mat to make your dream garden a reality!

TO AVOID THE LOOK OF "SEAMS" ON A FLOWER WALL USING A PIPE AND DRAPE STRUCTURE: The most critical point is to make sure that each wall panel is secured in multiple spots, not only to the pipes but to each adjoining panel as well. The tie should be a material that won't relax or stretch like burlap twine, wire ties or zip ties. When displaying multiple panels next to each other, each wall needs to be pulled taut so the seams don't show. The flowers extend over the frame, hiding the pipes while creating a seamless look.

Another key is to secure each panel to the pipe AND to the adjoining panel in at least 3 spots. You can also connect the panels by using the pegs & holes on the sides of the plastic frame. Additionally, running picture wire horizontally, vertically and diagonally on the pipe and drape structure before adding the walls allows for a firmer background to support the walls.

Please view our instructional video.
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Flower Wall 18" x 26" Premium Extra Full Silk Floral Mix Soft Purples & Pinks
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