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Home  >  Our Favorite Things ~ Jigsaw Lamps Add 70s Style + Modern Flexibility
Our Favorite Things ~ Jigsaw Lamps Add 70s Style + Modern Flexibility

Our Favorite Things ~ Jigsaw Lamps Add 70s Style + Modern Flexibility

Pinch us ~ we have found another one of those things that has a gazillion fun(ky) uses in everything from bedrooms to retail stores to events, and we hardly know where to start telling you how much potential we think this baby has.

When we say “this baby,” we mean our Jigsaw Lamps.

We’ve seen them everywhere from ice cream shops to night clubs and wedding reception lounges, but we are secretly somewhat obsessed with putting together wallet-friendly alternatives to high end inspiration rooms, so let’s start with that. Because similar light fixtures are all over many of our favorite retro *and* modern interiors. And they tend to hang in pairs. And they tend to cost several hundred dollars.

So. If we can get the same look for less… And we can change the color and the shape as easily as putting together a jigsaw puzzle… But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at some rooms.

In the main photo, a jigsaw lamp on each side of the bed is a great start to getting this awesome 70s bedroom on a budget. (For this look, two White Jigsaw Lamp Kits, two light cords, and 1/2 a cup of awesome sauce will save you, um, a bunch.) PIC1

The 2nd photo show a totally different inspiration room with a sleek, modern feel ~ and another opportunity to incorporate a budget-friendly light with high end appeal. Add a jigsaw lamp and a Garden Stool in place of the end table, fill a couple of Vases with fresh flowers, and repeat on the right hand side, and you have a lot of style for a very reasonable price.

Another awesome bedroom (3rd photo) and another place that we think a pair of jigsaw lamps would totally shine.

Finally, just to take a look at a different type of room that could absolutely rock a jigsaw lamp or two ~ how cool is this reading/music nook in the final photo? We would be really tempted to go with pink lamps here, but if you want to try color without commitment ~ white jigsaw lamps work with our gel kits so that you can actually buy a white light and change its color dramatically with gels. (Sadly, we don’t carry the 1970s Barbies and Barbie Dream Everythings shown here ~ but we’re pretty sure that we owned the pink carrying case on the left, second shelf from the bottom.)
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