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The Highs and Lows of Centerpiece Design

The Highs and Lows of Centerpiece Design

No, silly ~ not good centerpieces and bad centerpieces, but rather great tall ones and great small ones. We really do love them both ~ low centerpieces that invite conversation across the table as well as tall, dramatic ones that let you focus on the people to either side.

When we want to share with you the very best inspiration photographs, Colin Cowie is one of our absolute top picks because he incorporates stunning design, fresh ideas, trend-setting details, and the couple's unique vision for their event to create a look that is, well, a Colin Cowie Wedding.

We'll start with the tall flair-for-the-dramatic centerpieces, because these showstoppers are some of the most captivating pieces in a reception. If your budget knows no bounds, you can max each table out in this style, or to reign in the bottom line a bit, alternate more modest centerpieces on some tables to get a big effect on a smaller budget.

To get this look, you'll need gorgeous purple chandeliers, Pomanders of pink roses elevated on risers, tall candelabras and of course some fab lucite chiavari chairs can't hurt.

We sing the praises of Ostrich Feathers on a somewhat regular basis ~ they are one of our favorite renewable, sustainable design staples and these spads are reusable for many events. In this case, the contrast of sleek metallics below and soft black feathers aloft is sophisticated and certainly makes a statement.

If your aesthetic is more natural, these trees on beds of moss, embellished with Crystal Bead Strands and fresh florals, make lovely tall centerpieces, too.

And on the other side of the design coin, low centerpieces can be just as eye-catching as their taller sisters, with plenty of flair and punch. Many guests love the functionality of low centerpieces, since they encourage conversations with the entire table, and a running, table-length centerpiece like this one is a design trend that is here to stay.

The monochromatic candelabras and candles fit perfectly into the simplicity of this slate and carnation color palette, with long low blooms bringing the fresh floral element into the mix. We're big fans of the single amazing chandelier, too.

This perfect mix of sleek metallics with soft candlelight and airy blooms balances modern and romantic in a perfect yin and yang of design delight. The florals are paired perfectly with Candle Holders and Votives. The mirror panels across the table's surface are a luxe touch.

Whatever your budget or design taste, we hope you love this mix of the highs and lows of centerpieces. Colin Cowie dependably brings the best of the best in his work, and he's a master of remaining at the cutting edge of good design while maximizing every dollar.
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