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Beaded Real Crystal Cake Stand / Centerpiece Riser Round with Mirrored Top - "Prestige" - Silver - 1 Foot Wide

Item #: 144374
Item Specifics
1 foot
8 inches
tabletop, mirror, beaded
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Item Description
This extraordinary Silver Pedestal Cake Stand with a 1' wide Mirrored Cake Plate is not only awesome as a Wedding and Event Dessert Stand but also makes a magnificent Decor Centerpiece Riser! This "Prestige" Crystal Cake Stand and Centerpiece Riser is so gorgeous that it truly raises the elegance level of whatever you place on it! Perfect for showcasing treats like cakes, pies and cupcakes but equally perfect for creating centerpiece displays with flameless LED candles, floral arrangements and clear vases on the mirror top really set off a centerpiece display. Fill the vases with water jelly pearls, feathers, fairy and string lights, diamond confetti or float LED candles. It really is an invaluable tool for weddings, anniversaries, events and special celebrations and pedestal stands require less table space which allows for additional goodies or decorations to be placed underneath.

The stand is 8" tall and the mirror top is a full 12" in diameter. Encircling the mirror is a ring of ornate silver trim with sparkling crystal clear beads which are attached to the trim. Our crystal beads are real crystal, not acrylic and they are faceted on all sides. You will find sellers who "sneak" in plastic beads or mix acrylic with glass beads. We are fanatical that this is NOT done on our products. The mirror top and base are attached and it weighs 4 1/2 lbs. The base is weighted so this pedestal stand and riser is very sturdy. The stand has a lightly brushed finish meaning it's not super shiny but it is somewhat reflective. Ritzy and elegant on its own, it's the perfect platform to show off your centerpiece creations and it's easy to create a classy, shimmering vision with very little effort with our "Prestige" Candle Holders, Vases and Cake Stands in many shapes and sizes. This item matches all of our "Prestige" Line, so if you type the word "Prestige" into the search bar, you can see additional items that match and that have more photos. You'll LOVE them all!
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Beaded Real Crystal Cake Stand / Centerpiece Riser Round with Mirrored Top - "Prestige" - Silver - 1 Foot Wide
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