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(FREE SHIPPING!) Round Wedding Gazebo with Fabric & Canopy & Beads! "Elysium" 9.8' Tall x 7.3' Wide

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Round Gazebo Kit with Tulle Canopy, Leg Panels and Crystal Bead Swags, 9.8' Tall by 7.3' Wide Wedding & Event Ceremony or Photo Chuppah

You'll get EVERYTHING in one kit!

Included with the purchase of this gazebo set with the fabric is a very detailed assembly instruction pamphlet that WE made (which means it will be easy to understand) which will totally explain the set up and includes photos of most steps that could otherwise be confusing.

To be in a place or state of perfect happiness is what "Elysium" means and that's exactly what you feel when you see this magnificent gazebo, gracefully draped in tulle and crystal bead strands! The round chuppah frame is 7.3ft in diameter by 9.8ft tall and is finished in white powder coating that was done right here in Arizona! The base footprint of each leg is 1' in diameter and the inside measurement (pole to pole) is 56 1/2". The top canopy is 1 piece that's fabric on the outer topside with layers and layers of white tulle pennants hanging down on the inside.

Also included are 8, pleated soft tulle panels and each is 9.8' long. 4 have Velcro tops to cover the outside view of the legs and 4 have ribbons (or ties) to cover the inside view of the legs. You will also receive 2, Velcro topped clear bead swags dotted with white flowers and 2 velcro topped clear bead panels, each 9.8' long, also dotted with white flowers. From ceremony to framing the perfect photos, Elysium will put you and your guests in that perfect state of happiness!

With all of the material and decorations, you can't see the frame at all and it actually takes on the appearance of a much bigger structure. A key feature (besides being drop-dead gorgeous!) is that all pieces attach with Velcro so you can add as much or as little as you want. The top canopy velcros to the round frame, then add the tulle panels to hide the legs and finish off with the crystal bead swags and panels which also attach with Velcro. If you're using all of the accessories included, depending on where you place them, you may run out of Velcro. Therefore, we are including 10 safety pins to assist in attaching the accessories.

Elysium takes away all the time spent worrying about how much material do I need, how do I attach it and where do I even start? Everything you need is included. The legs are height adjustable and at the tallest, there is a 6 1/2' clearance under the tulle canopy. The tulle fabric pennants hang in a spiral and range from 16" to 32" long, giving a very full and heavenly look.

For an evening event, try adding battery operated Fairy String Light Strands to each leg and Butterfly Garlands as well as Flower Garlands are always a trendy touch!

Elysium really does evoke that state of perfect happiness!
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FREE SHIPPING! Round Wedding Gazebo with Fabric & Canopy & Beads! "Elysium" 9.8' Tall x 7.3' Wide
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