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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  The Key to a Black, White and Romantic All Over Hotel Reception? Crystals, Chandeliers and Candles
The Key to a Black, White and Romantic All Over Hotel Reception?  Crystals, Chandeliers and Candles

The Key to a Black, White and Romantic All Over Hotel Reception? Crystals, Chandeliers and Candles

Ribbons, Crystals, and a Floral Crown Create an Indoor Ceremony Space to Remember
The challenge of creating a unique ceremony and reception space within the confines of a hotel ballroom is one that faces every professional event designer on a regular basis. In fact, depending on your client base and the options in your area, it might be a weekly problem.

Some of the biggest names in the wedding and event industry excel at creating inspiring spaces within ballrooms, and Yanni Design Studio is among the best of the best. Enter this gorgeous Crystal and Ribbon "gazebo" within a hotel ballroom. We adore the combination of soft ribbon and angular crystals and the floral crown atop the setup provides an extra measure of luxury and elegance.

If your budget allows for live florals in this arrangement, well, do you want to adopt us? If you are looking for an area to trim costs a bit, our Silk Florals are a great alternative for applications that will only be appreciated from afar. You can even consider mixing faux florals in the back with live blooms in the front and in the suspended ribbons for an effect that no one would ever guess includes super realistic, extremely budget friendly faux florals.

Add large cylinder vases, floating candles and Rose Petals around the gazebo base, and you have a truly custom, show stopping area that will make your ceremony a memorable experience not just for the bride and groom, but for every guest who attends.

A Black, White and Sparkly Sweetheart Table Complete with Chandeliers
We could totally support you if you wanted to reuse the gorgeous gazebo shown in the 1st photo for your sweetheart table during the reception. But if your budget allows for a second amazing space, you can't do much better than this sexy uplit sweetheart table (2nd & 3rd photos).

With tons of silver fabric as a backdrop, dramatic black chandeliers and Orchids galore, the bride and groom can hold court in a space that will be much photographed, much SnapChatted and much envied. The vase and candle element is repeated in this space as well, bringing elegance and romance into a vignette that is just the right mix of modern and romantic.

The radiant bride and handsome groom complete the scene perfectly, adding that last bit of glamour against a stunning setup that captures their vision for their day.

A Room View Within A Hotel Ballroom
Finally in the last photo, this room view captures the pipe and drape panels of black and silver fabric that transform the hotel ballroom by making the walls disappear, the gorgeous uplit glass candelabras throughout the room, and the overall effect of the design in completely customizing the ballroom to this event. We especially love the skillful use of light ~ LED Up Lights, event lighting, and of course candlelight ~ to set the scene for a memorable evening.

We have the experience and the industry perspective to understand your design vision and the challenges that you face in real life event situations. We can help you select the right combination of single use products that will make your setup and breakdown easy and built-to-last staples that will work at your events for many seasons to come.

We have the absolute nicest customer service staff in the industry, and we would love to put our decades" worth of experience helping top event designers in the nation to work giving your small business an edge in offering your brides the best value and the best service in your region.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you figure out how to invest your Decor budget in setups and individual pieces that will work hard for you and for your clients at event after event, season after season, and ballroom after ballroom.
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