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Crystal Candelabra Round 5 Cylinder Cups - 52" Tall Centerpiece

Item #: 144673
Item Specifics
52 inches
11 3/4 inches
tabletop||floor standing
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Item Description
11.75" Wide x 52" Tall Round Centerpiece, Crystal Candelabra With 5 Varying Height Clear Stems With Removable Hurricane Chimney Shades for Taper or Votive Candles, Mirrored Base

So grand and exquisite, our Crystal Candelabra with 5 crystal clear spires, tall hurricane shades and a mirrored base will set the tone for classy weddings and events as divine centerpiece decor! Mounted on a 11 3/4" round mirrored base, there are 5 cylinder stems in varying heights and each is topped with a 3/4" wide candle cup to hold a taper candle, or you could sit a votive or pillar candle on top of the cup.

Each hurricane chimney shade is 15 3/4" tall by 1 3/4" wide and they slide over each cup, making this candelabra rise to 52" tall! Clean, sophisticated and oh so elegant for such a small footprint!

Illuminate with real wax candles, flameless LED candles or add some color with our LED Submersible Lights. The versatility of the removable hurricane chimneys insures real wax candle flames will be protected and the crystal clear pillars look equally stunning with or without the shades. The grandeur of this candelabra also makes it an eye-catching floor accent piece and the height allows you to tuck it in an out of the way location, without diminishing from its beauty.

The glamorous mirror base is the icing on the cake to set off this spectacular candelabra, while adding to the twinkling ambiance. Add silk rose petals or intertwine floral or ivy garlands to add a touch of nature. Pair with our single cylinder crystal candelabra in varying heights to create truly remarkable centerpiece decor!
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Crystal Candelabra Round 5 Cylinder Cups - 52" Tall Centerpiece
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