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Real Crystal Floral & Candle Holder/Riser "Bergamo" - 34 1/2" - BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!

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Item Specifics
7 inches
34 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Stunningly Beautiful! "Bergamo" might just be the absolute perfect centerpiece or table and floor accent piece! This Real Crystal Candle Holder and Centerpiece Riser has all the essential elements needed for a successful outcome: tall and luxurious, see-through sparkling real crystal, gorgeous geometric prism facets from head to toe, a mirrored base for maximum reflection, a multi-sized candle holder and a bowl for floral arrangements. ALL the attention to details has been incorporated into this grand piece for weddings, receptions, special celebrations & events or to add pizazz and interest as floor art!

Bergamo stands 34 1/4" tall, the base is 7" in diameter and it weighs 15 lbs. The base has 2 levels and triangular shaped facets surrounding the outside of both levels and the mirrored tops are an added detail that adds another level of style and sophistication! There are 2 stems that meet at a faceted sphere, creating a fabulous shine. The stems have long triangular facets and you can literally see through this candle holder! The decorative bowl on top has an inside measurement of 5" wide by 2 1/4" deep which includes the cutout for a 1/4" wide taper candle. Not including the candle cutout, the bowl depth is 2" deep and the shallow bottom can hold a 3" wide pillar candle. Under the bowl is a plate with yes, even more facets! There are 4 pendant strands, each 3" long, which hang under the plate.

In addition to a flameless LED taper candle or pillar candle, the bowl can also hold diamond confetti, silk rose petals, pomander kissing balls, floral bouquets, submersible LED lights or water pearls (jelly Decor) with a floating LED rose candle. We just love pieces where the embellishments can easily be changed out to accommodate whatever event or theme might come up! Quality and spot-on attention to details make Bergamo a grand centerpiece riser or candle holder that you'll be proud to show-off every chance you get!

This would make an EXCELLENT rental piece for your event planning business! The Video below shows one of our Crystal Candelabra pieces so you can see just how gorgeous our line of crystal items are!
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Real Crystal Floral & Candle Holder/Riser "Bergamo" - 34 1/2" - BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!
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