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Real Crystal & Chrome 6 Arm Candelabra "Nicoline" - Over 3' Tall - Optional Top Spire

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17 inches
37 inches
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Item Description
Crystal and Chrome have come together in our new Majestic 3 Foot Tall Candelabra "Nicoline"!

Make absolutely certain to check out the video below!! This stunning candelabra is made from real crystal and there is no shortage of sophistication and glam on this 37" tall showpiece! These 2 materials totally complement and enhance each other, making Nicoline the ideal centerpiece for weddings, receptions, special events or to add some dazzle in your home! This glorious candelabra has a large crystal clear gem that appears to be mounted on the shiny chrome stem and the topmost stem is a HUGE faceted crystal shaft, cup and spire! There are 6 scalloped crystal cups sitting atop the chrome arms and the 1" wide taper holders are also chrome. it's truly a piece of art!

The ornate bowls look incredible when rose petals or diamond confetti are used along with flameless LED candles. Arm to arm, Nicoline is 17" wide and this candelabra also comes with lots of bling which you can add or remove to suit your taste. There are 6 shorter strands of crystal clear beads that connect arm to arm at the top; then there are 6 longer strands that connect arm to arm below the cups. But that's not all - you'll also receive 28 pendants, each 1 1/4" long. These pendants hang from 4 tiny hooks underneath each cup or you could attach them to the bead strands.

Candlelight adds elegance to any celebration or festivity and this Crystal and Chrome beauty will certainly add to the classy, luxurious atmosphere! This candelabra weighs just over 10 lbs. and the base is 6 1/4" in diameter.

Assembly directions (no tools needed):
Plain pole - screw into the base / Crystal Gem - screw to top of the plain pole / Pole with plate - screw to top of the crystal gem (do not remove the coupling) / Place candelabra on top of plate / Crystal Stem with cup - screw into the top of the candelabra / Crystal Spire - screw into stem / ENJOY!
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Real Crystal & Chrome 6 Arm Candelabra "Nicoline" - Over 3' Tall - Optional Top Spire
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