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Crystal Hanging Prism, Glass - Crystal Strand 20" - "Prati" Set of 6 - Clear

Item #: 144399
Item Specifics
1 3/4 inch
20 inches
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Item Description
If your event decorations need some pizazz and style, our new "Prati" Crystal Hanging Prism Glass Strand will add that sparkle and wow factor that you've been looking for! Each Prati strand is 20" long and you'll receive a set of 6 clear garlands that can be used in a multitude of ways. Each strand has 21 real crystal beads that are 1/2" in diameter and 3/8" thick. These are large, multi-faceted beads that have an amazing clarity but the show-stopper is the stunning 1 3/4" long real crystal drop at the end of the strand. The drop alone weighs a full 3 oz. and it is EXQUISITE!

All the beads and the crystal drop are attached with jump rings which make it very easy to lengthen or shorten the strands if you want. The jump rings are also handy for hanging these strands and they're very easy to remove if you prefer to use monofilament line. Hang from the ceiling or in front of windows, drape around a wedding tree, hang from wedding arches or centerpiece risers, loop around shepherds hooks, attach to table skirts, add to a floral bouquet, decorate reception, dessert or gift tables. Weddings, anniversaries, special events or just around the house, you'll find many, many uses for these crystal gems!

we're very proud of our high-quality beads and you will be proud to show them off, too!
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Crystal Hanging Prism, Glass - Crystal Strand 20" - "Prati" Set of 6 - Clear
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