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Custom Stage Chandelier DIY or Custom Order - By Sean Bolinger

Custom Stage Chandelier DIY or Custom Order - By Sean Bolinger

Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA created these incredible Chandeliers using Rolls of Beads from ShopWildThings. Since this design was created, we have added a lot of the finished product that you can use to create this finished look. By hand, Sean and his team made 1 Giant Chandelier, 4 Small Chandeliers, and 2 Spirals.

The Giant Chandelier was 9 Feet wide and 8 Feet Tall created using Plumbers Pipe (which bends easier than PVC). Five rings were made: 9 Feet Diameter, 7.5 Feet Diameter, 6 Feet Diameter, 4.5 Feet Diameter and 3 Feet Diameter. They cut the strands of ShopWildThings Acrylic Beads in 3 different lengths to create visual interest. Because the rings were also staged and attached to each other in "steps", this meant that there were actually 15 lengths of crystals which you can see in the main image of the Giant Chandelier. I-Hooks were used to screw into the pipe and hold the strands.

The four Smaller Chandeliers were still significant: 3 Feet Wide and 4 Feet Tall. The same process was used for the smaller chandeliers as for the Giant Chandelier.

The two Spirals on either side of the stage were 25 Feet tall and 4 Feet Wide. The Plumbers Pipe was used again here, and since it comes in a tight spool, is kept a natural swirl which they supported at points with black tie line. Acrylic Strands were attached all along the swirl using screwed-in i hooks.

If you would like to create something similar to this, but perhaps do not have the time to make this yourself, we have a few options for you. Here at ShopWildThings, we have a fabrication studio. We make Custom Orders daily.

Alternatively, you can make this yourself a little easier than just using spools and spools of Acrylic Beads. We have a ton of Bendable Metal Top beaded Curtains that you can attach to your own frame (you can even use the Plumbers Pipe!). They are simply hung side-by-side to create a seamless look. We also offer Fabric Top Beaded Curtains that can be used on top of Pipe and Drape, Plumbers Pipe, or PVC. We have already finished extra large chandeliers as well. If you'd like to emulate this look, we'd love to help you!
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