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VIDEO: How to Cut the Width of a Beaded Curtain

How Do you Cut a Beaded Curtain to Fit Your Space?

Do you need a Beaded Curtain to fit a Narrower Space? Most of our rods are 35 - 36" Wide.

If your doorway or window is narrower, or if you need to hang Beaded Curtains in a wider space by hanging two curtains next to each other and need to cut one rod to size, we can help you accomplish that.

For example, if your window is 53" Wide - and our curtains are 35" wide each, if you hang two next to each other you will end up with a curtain that is 70" wide. BUT - this video will teach you to cut either the second curtain or both curtains smaller. You could leave the first curtain full size and cut the second one to 18" - OR you could cut 9" off of each curtain to keep the look uniform.

This topic is one of the most confusing things for some of our customers to understand so we decided to make a short video to cover just how to do this process. You're all so smart, but sometimes it's helpful to SEE the process rather than read about it. This great tutorial shows you how to cut the width of an acrylic beaded curtain using tools you probably already own.
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