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Inspiration:  David Tutera Events

Inspiration: David Tutera Events

If you’re a sucker for some bling and a good story, you might be with us in spirit when we take in celebrity and high style weddings by every means necessary ~ magazines, television shows, wedding blogs, and (of course) Facebook. And we do love high end events styled by David Tutera. For those of you who have lush budgets and a keen sense of style, David is a wedding and event planner who can translate any vision into a top-of-the-line affair. If your goals and budget are a bit more modest, sit back with us and be inspired by his grand vision, and check out our tips to add budget-friendly style to your weddings and events.

In the main photo, this “diamond studded” floral display is a statement piece for a wedding ceremony ~ whether you are transforming a hotel venue into a spiritual oasis or showcasing memorial or unity candle arrangements in a more traditional space. The simple wine glass vases and delicate bead strands atop a Wall of Florals look classic and modern in any space, and they can serve a religious or spiritual purpose as well.

And if you’re feeling really posh, what better way to emphasize that it’s your special day than with a whimsical canopy (2nd photo)? If that canopy happens to be dripping beads and orchids, too ~ well, we won’t tell.

If there’s room in your budget, the 3rd photo shows a version of this uber luxe look that can be repeated on every table. Or, make your private sweetheart table a public work of art by giving a little extra design TLC (and flowers) to get max bling on a mini budget.

We did promise fabulous, dramatic, super luxe events, David Tutera style, right? How is this for over-the-top stunning (4th photo)? Artfully arranged Tall Florals with a heavy presence of bead strands and uplighting? We would *probably* try to attend. You know, if we were not *too* busy that night.

Finally, for a truly jaw-dropping, sky-is-the-limit addition to your wedding reception decor, we adore this custom floral chandelier (last photo) accentuated by swagged Crystal Garland Strands

To get a similar look on a more modest budget, a bead chandelier and bead strands is a stunning, wallet-friendly option that still adds height, drama, and sparkle to your event. Whether you’re shopping for an event planning specialist or shopping for ideas to personalize your own celebration, David Tutera is a master of opulence, style, and glamour. We love what he does with beads and bling, and we never tire of seeing how he innovates at event after event.

Our thanks to David Tutera for the use of these images. For more gorgeous wedding and events by David, be sure to check out his website and blog.
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