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Glass Balls Can Transform Indoors, Outdoors and Decor Budget

Glass Balls Can Transform Indoors, Outdoors and Decor Budget

We’re seeing Decorative Glass Balls hanging everywhere… From celebrity hideaways to family homes and from living rooms to outdoor spaces, they look great interspersed with other decor or hung in layers to anchor a design. We’ve seen them filled with plants and candles, suspended individually and in strands, hanging inside and in the great outdoors. And we love them pretty much everywhere.

In the main photo, this bedroom shows off floating glass ball strands as a sexy focal point for a stylish, modern aesthetic. The clear glass lends a bit of texture and dimension without competing against the color scheme and it’s easy to hang additional Individual Glass Balls for a totally custom effect, or to create your own strands using balls in different sizes and shapes.

The gorgeous glass chandelier in the 2nd photo is a stunning stairwell conversation piece, and also a great example of a look that you can create on a budget with a bit of DIY elbow grease ~ and an assortment of glass balls hung in a series (easy to do, as many of our options have a glass loop on the top and bottom, and can easily be connected with fishing line).

3rd photo: Whether you are dividing a studio apartment visually or adding impact to a panoramic view ~ or both ~ glass balls hung in short strands are a high impact, cost-effective way to enhance visual interest without complicating your color scheme. Here, the strands fit seamlessly into the sleek wood and metal design, adding some curves to balance the space’s sharp angles, and serving as a counterpoint to the low fireplace.

In the 4th photo, this delightful take on bringing nature indoors, staggered Hanging Terrariums hold miniature woodland worlds tucked into a corner of a busy metro apartment. You might even enjoy the raindrop shaped terrarium which can double as a candle holder!

In the final photo, we love the artsy wishing ball feel of these glass balls suspended over calming water features in a London terrace oasis. They add height and dimension without competing for attention, and they complement the relaxing vibe of this sophisticated garden.

For pro pieces with DIY potential, we think that glass balls are tough to beat. They are high impact, low cost, and easy to work with. We would love to see how you use these flexible, affordable building blocks to create unique spaces of your own.
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