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The Primetime Emmys Governor's Ball!

The Primetime Emmys Governor's Ball!

If you ever helped change your high school gym into “Aladdin’s Lamp” or “Paris in Springtime” (air quotes optional), then you know what we’re talking about when we say that it’s a lot of work to prepare a huge space for a major event. Mentally Photoshop the bleachers out of your high school gym and enlarge it by about 800% (unless you went to high school in Texas), and you’ve got a rough idea of the raw spaces where the most fabulous Hollywood parties happen.

Puh-lease don’t misunderstand ~ these venues are big, well equipped, and well suited to their purpose. They are what they’re supposed to be ~ really huge blank canvases for the most amazing event designers to make spectacular, Saturday night after Saturday night, year after year.

But all of that cavernous space can either be a major asset or a major pain in the asset, depending on how an event designer uses what lies above. Or hovers overhead, or whatever.

So, having cut out our share of paper snowflakes to cover up the scoreboard for a Winter Wonderland Dance or two, when we see shots like this one from the Primetime Emmys Governor’s Ball, we can’t help but do a quick check for the NHHS Hawk on the wall above the basket before realizing that, um, our stuff has grown up a little, and it is in Hollywood.

We love knowing that our Diamond Crystal Bead Columns and Diamond Crystal Bead Curtains helped Dwight Jackson of Sequoia Productions realize his vision for this incredible celebration (2nd photo). Hundreds of talented designers put in countless hours to make this dream a reality. Our Diamond Crystal Columns were a huge part of this room.

Also used were our Diamonds Crystal Bead Strands to make a gigantic chandelier in the center of the room (3rd photo). Beautiful job done by the amazing designers of this event!

In all of the photos, the special lighting that he used to transform clear beads into a rainbow of sparkling colors overhead is just insanely cool. And even though we carefully packaged and shipped many of the key decor pieces to Hollywood ourselves, it’s still pretty darned amazing to see this particular blank canvas transformed into the scene for some of our favorite actors and actresses to celebrate their successes.

We are so blessed that they come back to ShopWildThings again and again because we do what we say we're going to do and we do it on time! Our thanks go out to Dwight Jackson, Sequoia Productions, and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Governor’s Ball for letting us be a small part of this fantastic event.
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