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Item Specifics
7 inches
8 1/2 inches
Item Description
Unique and charming accent pieces sometimes aren't too functional or may be too delicate for busy areas but this set of decorative Antique Metal Bells is ready for action! From top to bottom, the ornamental details and coloring on these bells looks authentic and the finish makes them look like vintage terra cotta clay bells. Use inside or out, these 4 rustic bells come with heavy jute rope so they're ready to hang from balconies and eaves, from a fireplace mantle or to use as table decorations, pot shelf adornments and even as floor Decor.

Complete with a bell clapper, each bell is 8 1/2" tall by 7 inches wide and has a metal hanging ring along with a thick, jute rope that is 12 1/2" long. The total hanging length is 21" and the heavy-duty rope can easily be removed if you choose but the size and heft goes perfectly with these bells. Each is a pleasing, weather-worn color: beige, light peach, light turquoise and chocolate brown.

Hang together or individually, each bell weighs only 12 1/2 oz. so you can loop each one into another, making a chain that would weigh just over 3 lbs. if all 4 bells were used. Great for decorating cowboy and western themed parties and events, hang the bells from a porch, a fence, a tree, a post or use as part of a centerpiece (warning: I did say there was a bell clapper and you just know someone will have to pick it up and ring it, right?) Combine with jute and other Rustic Decor to create earthy, shabby chic designs, appealing centerpieces and outdoorsy, natural settings!
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COMING SOON! SALE ! Metal Vintage Hanging Bells Huge 8" x 7"- Set of 4
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