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The Delight is in the (Decor) Details

The Delight is in the (Decor) Details

Fairy Lights, Bistro Lights, Paper Lanterns, and Outdoor Accessories Transform Your Nighttime Wedding
When it comes to setting your event (and your business) apart from the competition, décor details are one of the most effective uses of your design dollars. Pulled together events are born when the theme is carried through the smallest thoughtful, customized details, and we are bringing you a roundup of some the most effective pieces to do just that at this season’s luxury events.

For sheer romance, we don’t think that much compares to a starry night. Create your own life size fairy garden with our fairy light strands, string lights, Bistro Lights and light curtains. Accent the vertical space with illuminated Paper Lanterns and you have a wonderland fit for any occasion. We stock a variety of lighting products to suit your needs, whether you require indoor options, outdoor options, or a combination of both. Our battery powered LED options are safe for so many uses and make setup a breeze ~ no plotting and planning about where the outlets are.

Tabletop Accent Décor Ties Together Your Wedding’s Overall Look
We are in love with natural décor accents that are not too fussy, not too rustic and just right in terms of style and budget. Ornate lanterns paired with candles, Moss, succulents and a few blooms are an example of pared down décor that is elegant and upscale. This look transitions well from day to night, from urban to rural, from extravagant to minimalist… and with the large elements being reusable, it also keeps the centerpiece budget in check.

Table numbers are a must for an organized wedding reception that allows guests to flow comfortably to their seats. They are not typically noticed unless they’re done poorly, so we suggest sticking with a legible, classic font like this pretty script in a large size, and choosing holders that will not attract attention or detract from the centerpieces. We are known for our standout décor, but we also stock practical workhorse pieces like these high quality table number holders that will stand up to years of use, blend into a variety of décor styles, and do their job like the unsung heroes that they are.

Candy Dessert Bars Delight Guests of All Kinds
Looking to complement the cake with some alternative sweets, or going 100% Willy Wonka for your desserts? Our modern Geometric Vessels geometric vessels are so versatile that a good cleaning takes them from candle holder to dessert bar and back, week after week. They work equally well with candles and with individually wrapped candies ~ no mess, no fuss, and plenty of visual and taste appeal.

We love the gold accents (on trend, yet classic) and the variety of shapes. Your guests will love taking a trip down memory lane as they indulge in their sweet childhood favorites. And your staff will appreciate the ease of setup and breakdown with these high quality, versatile pieces.

Whether you are looking for details to complete the wedding you’ve dreamed of planning or are filling in the gaps of your warehouse inventory, we stock the quality event décor pieces that make us the top choice of wedding and event professionals around the country.

Bring your A game to every event with details that attract attention, that show your care in attending to every aspect of your clients’ visions, and that complete a thoroughly custom, pulled together look at every wedding and gala.

The friendliest customer service folks in the industry are waiting at 1-928-855-6075, and they would love to help you choose the products, quantities, and shipping options that will bring the greatest return for your design budget. Let us help you take the devilishness out of the details of extraordinary event planning by bringing you awesome pieces at competitive prices, with excellent customer service thrown in from start to finish.
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