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A Colin Cowie Story of Fabulousness

A Colin Cowie Story of Fabulousness

For over-the-top fabulous, it's tough to beat Colin Cowie at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We can't get enough of his artistic mix of event lighting, LEDs, candlelight, and vertical layers of feathers, blooms, and candles.

Whether's he's designing an event in the great outdoors, or in one of California's iconic venues, Colin Cowie owns every space with his signature mix of creativity, romance, and elegance.

Make the most of a mirror by giving it plenty to reflect ~ this focal point of tiered vases and Mercury Glass Votives is a stunner, and it fits well in any venue that has a large mirror. (Hint: That's almost any venue. And you can always bring your own mirrors if necessary.)

LED Lighting beneath tables, gorgeous blooms in tall vases, and Eiffel tower vases full of black ostrich feathers ~ the perfect mix of glamour and elegance in a look that can hold its own in The 90210. Seating arrangements displayed on a bed of blooms and an oyster bar anchored by Pomanders and hanging votives? These are details done to perfection. Just like those gorgeous oysters.

We have fallen totally in love with Ostrich Feathers as the ultimate in sustainable glamour Decor. These black ostrich feathers contrast dramatically against the light metallic Decor, and they certainly add a note of fabulous to the entire affair.

Whether you are an event designer looking for some tips to maximize your next purchase of event staples, or a bride who needs advice to bring your vision to life, we have got to brag on our high quality products and the value of a professional designer for helping every couple have a wedding day that lives up to their hopes and dreams for the day.

And since we're bragging AND it's almost Thanksgiving, it's only right to give a shout-out to the best customer service folks in the industry ~ ours. They take pride in helping you get the most for every dollar that you spend ~ by knowing our products, by helping you order enough (but not too much) Decor for your event, and by selling the best quality pieces in the industry. There's a reason (actually, there are quite a few) that we've been around as long as we have, serving the best in the business by providing great quality, reusable pieces AND great customer service.

Give our folks a call at 1-928-855-6075, and see what the nicest customer service in the event industry can do for your wedding or event today.
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