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Tabletop Inspiration|Luxe Wedding Design by Fresh Affairs

Tabletop Inspiration|Luxe Wedding Design by Fresh Affairs

Once again, our Facebook newsfeed brought gorgeous goodness right into our morning coffee break last week, this time in the form of stunning images from the Tabletop Extravaganza hosted by Fresh Affairs and photographed by Walters and Walters. We are delighted to have the chance to interview Michael, principal designer with Fresh Affairs, next week, and in the mean time we can't resist sharing some images to whet your appetite. Really, who wouldn't want to eat at a table that looks like this? Hydrangeas, textured linens and of course Crystal Bead Strands in the background… Simply sumptuous.

One of the standout stars of Fresh Affairs" Tabletop Extravaganza was the unique custom chair covers that they designed (2nd photo). we're lovers of chair covers anyway, and these are just a cut (or two or ten) above what we've seen. Elegant fabrics and just the right touch of bling set the tone for a memorable wedding and show every guest an extra measure of Southern hospitality.

Did we mention Diamond Bling Wrap? it's hard to beat for versatility and star power, whether you need yards of sparkle or just an accent of diamonds.

In the 3rd photo, the gold sash embellished with diamonds is an understated approach to the 1920s feel that is hot for 2014. Brooches & Buckles

And this long row of high Florals (4th photo) dripping bead strands illuminated by candles had us swooning as well. We love florals that are high enough to be out of the way of conversation, and dramatic enough to become part of the room"s Decor rather than just centerpieces. Hint: that's just one of the advantages of hiring skilled professionals to design your event ~ statement pieces like these stretch your Decor budget by getting huge impact from a smaller number of focal points. (Thereby avoiding a common event design faux pas that we like to call "a hot mess:" too many small features competing for attention.)

Last photo - we can't resist another close-up…

So, do you want to hear how Fresh Affairs creates these amazing spaces for top weddings and events? We could feature dozens more images, but we have to save a *few* to go with our actual interview of one of the creative geniuses behind Fresh Affairs. Check back next week to hear how Michael sculpts florals, beads, Candlelight, fabrics and other tools of the design trade to make each of his weddings and events a memorable experience not only for the bride and groom, but also for their families and friends. Oh, and we'll have a few more pictures, too!
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