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Diamante Duo Beaded Curtain - Crystal Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 20 ft

Item #: 19102
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Item Specifics
3 feet
20 feet
18 strands
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Item Description
This awesome Large Diamond "Diamante Duo" Beaded Curtain features large faceted beads. This crystal clear non-iridescent color has NO pearly top-coat on the beads. So the bead really is perfectly crystal clear. Our beads are ACRYLIC...not cheap ugly plastic! There are 18 Strands, but with the beads being large, you get a pretty significant looking curtain! The strands are all hanging from one white rod with 2 metal eyelets at the top. The eyelets slide on the rod for ease of use, and also to make customizing the curtain easier. You just hang those eyelets on a nail or 2 c-hooks and you're done!

Use our beaded curtains in windows, in doorways, as set decorations, as photo backdrops, on blank boring walls, as room dividers...the possibilities are endless!

Each "Diamante Duo" curtain alternates between two bead sizes all the way down the strand: XLarge Diamante 3/4", Large Diamante 1/2". Each Beaded Curtain measures 3 feet wide, 20 feet long.

This beautiful Diamante Duo Clear Beaded Curtain is available from 6 Feet long to 20 Feet long!
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Diamante Duo Beaded Curtain - Crystal Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 20 ft
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