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Disco Balls Beaded Curtains, Ornaments & Garlands

Disco Balls Beaded Curtains, Ornaments & Garlands

We've got the biggest collection of disco ball beaded curtains, chandeliers, sparkling disco balls and disco ball ornaments at ShopWildThings. The shiny mirrored beads create fantastic reflections of light and color. We have retro and contemporary designs for your next big event or show-stopping theater stage.

Browse our large bead and small bead disco balls curtains in 3-foot widths and 6-foot lengths in silver or pearly iridescent crystal colors. Each curtain is pre-assembled. The 23 strands of beads are each attached to the rod. Click on our how-to video to see how easy it is to hang them with two nails or two hooks.

Event planners and disco ball fans love the versatility of our 1-foot wide silver disco ball curtains. Each has 15 strands of super shiny mirrored beads. It's a great buy for tight spaces. Enjoy the contemporary look of white string or black string and disco balls mixed-bead curtains in a 3-foot width and 7.3-foot length. We also have these string/bead curtains in 12-foot lengths.
We have single disco balls crafted of real mirrors to hang from the ceiling. Browse our elaborately crafted 2-tier chandeliers with disco balls in crystal clear, pink, blue, purple and amber/brown. They come complete with light kits. Watch our how-to video on how to install a light kit inside your chandelier. If you don't like using electrical cords, just place one of our terrific LED light saucers on top of your chandelier.

Get the party started for a wedding reception or holiday with our 4-inch or 4.5-inch mirror disco ball ornaments or sets of 6 ornaments in the 2-inch size. Add sparkling touches with 27-inch disco ball floral displays.

We have swivel top mirror disco balls in the 8-inch and 12-inch size that will blanket the room with pinpoints of bright light as they spin from the base. Or, choose a 5-inch disco mirrored ball with chain.

Win instant compliments with our disco mirror ball with motor and spotlight that includes four colored lenses. Click on the disco ball spotlight demonstration video to see how it's done. The 7.5-inch diameter mirrored disco ball hangs from a motor attached to a ceiling hook. The mini spotlight can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall or ceiling. It comes with four easy-change color filters in red, blue, green and orange and an adapter with 6-foot cord.

  • 1' and 3' wide curtain sizes in 6' and 7.3' lengths
  • Assorted colors
  • Light kits included with chandeliers
  • Chain, swivel or motorized ceiling disco balls
  • Disco ball ornaments in 2" 4" or 4.5" sizes
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