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Displayers - Silver Ornament Hook Set of 60

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You're building a big, beautiful tree. It's no matter if it's a wedding tree, a Christmas tree, or whatever. You're ready to hang your beautiful ornaments and WHAT? All you have are those hideous pack of 20 million for a dollar wire hangers? No, no, sir. You are NOT hanging our pretties on those. All that work? All that money? ShopWildThings to the rescue! Hang your ornaments, pendants and other lovely items from our nice swirly metal displayers. Yes, we know displayer is not a word. Spell check tells us this. But you get the idea.

You might also consider using these to make your own creations using our rolls of beads, or our beaded curtains. You can use these to hang strands of beads from a window, from a decorative tree, from a floral arrangement and more.

You'll get 60 pcs per order (5 packs of 12). Each piece is 2" long with a 1" diameter swirl at the bottom.
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Displayers - Silver Ornament Hook Set of 60
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