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Disney Weddings:  Where Style Meets Magic

Disney Weddings: Where Style Meets Magic

Flowering Trees Line a Grand Entrance Fit for a Disney Princess

If you’re lucky enough to be able to meld your wedding day with your love of all things Disney princess, Disney Weddings will pull out all.the.stops to be sure that your perfect day is, well, perfect!

We are lovers of everything Disney ourselves. And we mean ALL things Disney… Princesses who fall in love with charming princes, strong heroines who do the rescuing themselves, magically clean theme parks, the music, the movies… We grew up on those happy childhood staples, and we’re raising our kids on them. Disneyland is a staple destination for four generations of our family.

So when the idea of providing staple pieces to Disney Weddings became a reality, we felt like someone had returned our glass slipper, turned our mermaid tail into human legs, and transformed a beast into a prince all in one day.

Disney Weddings takes its brides’ dreams seriously and pulls out all of the stops to create a uniquely magical vision for each wedding day. We are so proud to have a small part in these gorgeous custom weddingscapes as a supplier of key event décor pieces that real, live Disney Weddings designers use to make memories for each of their brides.

In the main photo, check out our Flowering Trees lining this lovely outdoor aisle, the rose petal design in the grass, the golden wedding gazebo, and the large chandelier in the ceremony space. We can help you create your own inspired-by-Disney look using these pieces, just as we continue to provide Disney Weddings with the building blocks for custom events like this one.

Lighted Tree and Crystal Installation Creates a Dramatic Focal Point Indoors

In the 2nd photo, how about this tree turned art installation for a reception focal point? We adore the lighting at the base, the suspended Crystal Bead Strands with geometric candle holders, and the overall effect of modern romance. This vignette is magical, Insta worthy goodness.

Floral Half Moon Delights as an Outdoor Ceremony Space

When your outdoor wedding ceremony space takes place in a gorgeous location with lots of existing architectural interest, as in the 3rd photo, a Wedding Arch is an elegant means of maximizing the location while focusing attention on the ceremony.

We love this Half Moon Circle Arch option, which offers guests a lovely fountain view until the ceremony begins, and frames the nuptials perfectly while the ceremony is in progress. Add live florals, or use our super realistic Faux Florals to embellish the half moon in your wedding colors. And give guests a gorgeous view of the immaculate Disney property while your event takes place.

We don’t often see weddings in the round (4th photo), but the half moon works well in this setting as well. Configured to give all guests a view of the ceremony, the circle arch accents the ceremony space without obstructing sight lines. Again, we love real florals if they’re in the budget, and our realistic faux options are an ideal choice if climate, setup constraints, or budget present obstacles to using live florals.

And in the last photo, we have to give you one more quick look at our flowering trees lit for nighttime, just to prove how versatile and stunning they are in a variety of settings. We love the effect of the professional event lighting and the Suspended Candle Holders working with this flowering tree at an indoor reception. (For those of you who really know your on trend décor lines, those are our Prestige votives with real crystals suspended from the tree.)

We’re having a hard time thinking of anywhere that brides’ dreams meet reality quite the way that they do at Disney weddings. Disney Weddings upholds the values of Disney while working with each bride to create a truly custom experience, and we are thrilled to participate as a supplier of some of Disney designers’ go to décor pieces.

We can help you have some of the happiest clients on earth, too. We have the friendliest customer service folks in the event business waiting for your call at 1-928-855-6075. Give us a ring, and let us help you bring magic to your weddings and events, just as we do for some of the most recognizable and loved venues in the world.
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