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Home  >  A DIY Shower Gift on a Budget|Creating A Keepsake Treasure Box
A DIY Shower Gift on a Budget|Creating A Keepsake Treasure Box

A DIY Shower Gift on a Budget|Creating A Keepsake Treasure Box

What if we told you that with about $10, an hour, and some slightly sticky fingers, you can make a pretty, practical gift that your favorite bride, mom-to-be, or newlywed will treasure? Sometimes we find a DIY idea that is just too good not to pass along, and this is one of those creative projects that we thought youíd enjoy, just for the fun of it. Whether youíre a wedding planner looking for a unique card box for the gift table, a bridesmaid on a budget, or a grandmother-to-be who wants to create a special handmade gift for your new grandchild, we think that this keepsake box project will be a hit.

We love this idea because it puts to good use beautiful things that would likely otherwise end up in the trash (specifically, weíre talking about wrapping paper ~ we die a little inside throwing that gorgeous stuff away).

What Youíll Need:
  • Scraps of wrapping paper from a bridal/wedding/baby shower ó minimum of 5 patterns, and the more the merrier. Tissue paper works really well, too.
  • ModPodge (glue sold at craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • A new cellulose sponge (We used a regular kitchen sponge cut in half.)
  • A box with a removable lid (We used decoupage boxes from a craft supply store, but wooden ones would work just as well). Any lid that is stiff and sturdy enough to accept wet glue without losing its shape, and to which glue will adhere.
  • A small disposable lid or other shallow container (to hold the Mod Podge as you work)
  • A damp rag or paper towels for cleanup
  • Small pieces of felt + hotglue, or adhesive floor protector pads (for the bottoms of chairs, etc.)

  • What Will Be Nice To Have Even Though Itís Not Strictly Necessary:
  • A piece of ribbon to tie around the top if you choose a circular or an oval box
  • A disposable plastic tablecloth
  • The project goes better on a slick tablecloth because if you forget (not that we would) and set the lid down while itís still wet (oops), the plastic doesnít try to become part of your art the way that the brown craft paper would.

    So, assembling the supplies is the hard part. We found that cutting the wrapping paper into small triangles and irregular shapes worked well with solid colors and repeating geometric patterns. For papers with bigger design elements, we liked the look of cutting out a few of the main elements and putting them on last, so that they could be seen completely, like the fish and butterflies on our wedding box. Our only rule about the design was that we tried not to have the same pattern touching anywhere.

    The Nitty Gritty: Sponge + Paper = Pretty
    2nd photo - Simply sponge an area of your box (or lid) with Mod Podge, lay a piece of wrapping paper over it, and then lightly sponge Mod Podge over the piece. Repeat until the entire box is done, allowing drying time as needed to give yourself room to hold the box. (Or not if, like us, you donít mind getting a little Mod Podge on your fingers.)

    When youíre finished, look over the box, fill in any spots that you missed, and perhaps go over the whole thing again with a coat of Mod Podge. We suggest NOT doing the inside of the box or lid, as Mod Podge does tend to stick to itself even after itís fully cured.

    3rd photo - A look at a finished box ó Baby Girl Box, with lots of help from Big Brother in production and display.

    4th photo - Baby Boy Box ~ Tissue paper and cut-outs of animals worked well on this one.

    In the last photo, the bottom of the box, with adhesive floor protector pads to keep the box from sticking to surfaces, like those used to protect hardwood floors from chairs.
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