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Using Metal Chain Curtains As Luxury Focal Points & Space Dividers

Using Metal Chain Curtains As Luxury Focal Points & Space Dividers

Metal Chain Curtains Adjusted to Tiered Lengths Form A Sexy Ceiling in this Upscale Restaurant and Lounge
In the main photo, we adore the sexy, undulating ceiling that serves as a focal point in a storied Shanghai restaurant and lounge. Created by altering the length of each chain strand in the curtains, this effect is totally gettable with our extensive selection of high quality metal chain curtains. Whether you are building a memorable entrance to set the tone for your event, a permanent installation that will wow guests night after night, or a semi opaque room divider, we have a killer selection of Real Metal Chain Curtains and lightweight acrylic ball chain curtains that will work overtime for you. And altering their length is a simple, easy process with our extensive selection of in stock curtains.

High end retail spaces, as in the 2nd photo, create an immersive experience for their clients from the moment that they walk in the door. This installation of Gold Metal Chain Curtains in Valenza Salon is as much an art installation as it is retail décor, and we’d expect nothing less from top interior designers like Avril Interiors. This Phoenix based interior designer specializes in clean, modern design with a touch of elegance, and we love the way that she has combined metals, lighting, texture and form in this compelling salon entrance.

Metal Chain Curtains Divide Spaces Effectively with Understated Elegance
In the 3rd photo, this close up image doesn’t give away the location (we will in a minute), but it does show some of the best properties of metal chain curtains from an interior design standpoint. Specifically, metal chain curtains’ neutral colors, semi opacity and subtle sheen make them ideal for applications that require dividing a room without constructing permanent walls or placing structures on the floor. And metal chain curtains are elegant enough for Christmastime at the Lincoln Center, as shown here.

Screening a busy stairway from a lounge area (4th photo), Lynx Metal Chain Curtains again provide an elegant division of spaces as well as a sense of privacy and separation. The “peekability” of the curtain adds to the lounge’s allure and entices those who are passing through to consider coming inside without sacrificing the lounge’s atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of foot traffic on the stairs.

The final photo shows clearly how cozy and intimate a space metal chain curtains can create. They are a visual barrier that allows guests in different areas to maintain a sense of privacy without total seclusion ~ essentially the perfect solution for a large space that functions as an upscale lounge.

We would love to walk you through the many applications for our metal chain curtains, from temporary installations at events to permanent uses as retail, restaurant, and lounge décor. We stock a wide variety of curtain styles and colors, and we can custom order almost anything you can imagine for your next statement space or event.

Whether this is your first order of metal chain curtains or a restock of some of your workhorse items, we have the friendliest customer service folks in the event and décor business, and they are waiting for your call. They are ready to help you get exactly the products that you need, packed carefully and shipped fast, at 1-928-855-6075. Let us show you how we take care of our customers by offering value, selection, in-stock convenience, and quality.
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