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CLEARANCE! Garden Stool "Zambia" Elephant Silver 15" x 18"

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Item Description
Garden Stools are becoming more and more popular for use in both homes and events. In the home, a Ceramic Garden Stool might be used near the patio to hold supplies, drinks and more. Indoors they can be used to fill space where you need “just a little something”, a splash of color, or something functional like an end table next to a chair or couch. Tuck a couple underneath of an entryway table to fill up that awkward space. Garden Stools are as much a piece of art for your home as they are functional.

Chinese Garden Shiny Silver Ceramic Elephant Garden Stool 13” x 15” x 18”. Large elephant face covers half of the stool base.

Our beautiful Ceramic garden stools are handmade, painted, and kiln fired. We inspect each and every one before it ships. Due to the handmade nature of this item, slight variations may occur.

Apartment Therapy offered this fantastic article about the history of garden stools: “For the last few years, barrel-shaped ceramic stools have been a popular decorating accessory, adding luster, color or texture to a space while serving as little side tables or room accents. But where do they come from, and where were they traditionally used? Okay, the answer is in the title of the post: they come from China, and they were traditionally used in gardens. But read on to learn more about the fascinating origins of this familiar form. Believe it or not, barrel- or drum-shaped garden stools have been used in China for at least 1,000 years. They may have evolved out of the Buddhist garden tradition, where natural elements like tree stumps and smooth rocks were used as seats.

Traditionally, Chinese homes were build around a courtyard, and with an emphasis on landscape and gardens, so outdoor furniture was essential. By the Song Dynasty (960-1279), these types of stools were used both indoors and outdoors as casual seating (image 2). Indoor stools were typically portable and made out of wood, while outdoor furniture, needing to withstand the elements, began to be made out of stone, glazed stoneware, or porcelain.

The antique stools that are still extant tend to be from the late Ming Dynasty — early 17th century — and later, and they have a range of decoration, including fretwork, relief decoration, and pierced motifs. One common decoration is simulated nailheads, often around the upper and lower parts of the barrel form. The nailhead motif is left over from ancient Chinese drums, which had wood bodies with skins stretched over each end and affixed with nails.

Although these ceramic drum-shaped stools have been exported to the West for about 300 years, it is only since the mid-20th century that they have gained such currency in American interiors — and exteriors .
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CLEARANCE! Garden Stool "Zambia" Elephant Silver 15" x 18"
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