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Emeralds Beaded Curtains - 5+ Choices

Emeralds Beaded Curtains - 5+ Choices

Our emerald-cut beaded curtains are so dazzling; they're the go-to choice of the elegant John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Click on our photos to see the extraordinary way these faux emerald beads from ShopWildThings add sparkle to special events.

Our emerald-shaped beads curtains are also favorites of movie and TV production sets. All our emerald-faceted beaded curtains have a pearly iridescent coating on top of the beads to create super shimmery shine. Each pre-assembled de´cor curtain is about 3 feet (35 inches) wide and 6 feet long with 23 fabulous strands per curtain.

Decorate your special event, gala or home. The hit television show One Tree Hill used our blue and lime green emerald-cut beaded curtains in a restaurant setting for one popular episode. They're favorites of upscale retail establishments, too, for use in holiday window displays.
Create Emerald City magic at a wedding reception or catered dinner under the stars. Choose your emeralds beaded curtains in pearly crystal, pink and red iridescent, blue and lime green colors or in purple with violet hues. Watch our video on how to hang beaded curtains. It only takes two nails or two hooks and two minutes to hang these lustrous beaded curtains anywhere.

Change the look of a bedroom with our famous Room in a Box boudoir decorating sets. Our 3-piece Mimi set has a deliciously soft net bed canopy with sexy feather garland flourishes, a stunning emeralds-cut beaded curtain and our 4-foot Amelia emeralds-facet chandelier.

  • Dimensions: 35" x 6 ft.
  • Crystal, pink/red, blue/lime or purples
  • 23 strands per curtain
  • Easy installation with 2 nails or 2 hooks
  • 3-piece Room in a Box includes emeralds motif
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