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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Inspired: Holiday Interior Styling by Christine Ridgway of Empire Designs Studio
Inspired:  Holiday Interior Styling by Christine Ridgway of Empire Designs Studio

Inspired: Holiday Interior Styling by Christine Ridgway of Empire Designs Studio

We have had the pleasure of working with Christine Ridgway of Empire Designs Studio for quite some time now, and with every order that we ship out, we anticipate seeing the photographs of her work. She has a unique vision for mixing existing features ~ from her clients" interiors and personal collections to venues" fixtures ~ with purchased pieces to create show-stopping designs. Today, we're going to feature her holiday home styling to give you a taste of what an expert designer can do to make your home stand out at this party intensive time of year. We look forward to sharing our interview with Christine soon so that you can read all about how she got her start, how she approaches her work, and (of course) some insider tips from a top pro in the design industry.

In the mean time, check out how the holidays look when Christine has helped Santa get an interior in shape. We love this upscale tablescape that ties in the main colors of the home"s holiday Decor. The Branches and crystal bead strands echo the sparkle of the snow covered wonderland outside, while rich fabrics and feathers add a layer of luxury that reminds you that you're safe and warm indoors.

In the 2nd and 3rd photos, we love the soft drape of this handmade garland against the angular lines of a Craftsman style staircase. Silver Butterflies and black ostrich feathers add a whimsical note that ties in beautifully with the silver Decor throughout the home. This garland is sure to wow your guests throughout the Christmas holiday, and the bling will take you through New Year"s Day with style.

Speaking of silver Decor ~ in the 4th photo, this metallic reindeer sporting Ostrich Feathers and bling is a sophisticated take on a Christmas staple. (we're suckers for rich embroidered details and jewel tones, too. That table topper is to die for.)

And in the last photo, this modern tree is a seamless addition to the rest of the home, tied in with the signature colors of red, black and silver with accents of rich purple. it's hard to beat silver deco mesh for flexibility, value, and impact, on a Christmas tree, or just in general.

Whether you're hosting the entire extended family for the holidays, throwing a few intimate gatherings for your closest friends and fam, or inviting the neighborhood to ring in 2014, we love the way that Christine Ridgway of Empire Designs Studio crafts holiday Decor that compliments a home"s architecture and ambience. And the real value of her design lies not only in its sheer gorgeous quotient, but also in its sustainability ~ most of the Decor pieces featured here can be reused in new or tried and true ways for years to come.
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