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How to Transform any Room into a Show-Stopping Scene - Decorate Like A Pro!

How to Transform any Room into a Show-Stopping Scene - Decorate Like A Pro!

Sparkling Backdrops Shine as Show-stopping Signature Event Features

Taking the head table to the next level, this Southeast Asian wedding sets a high bar for wow! factor at a reception. Using bead curtains, a combination of florals in tall planters and suspended from trees, elegant seating, and a luxurious live floral base, this elevated setting for the bridal party is a stunning trend that has crossed over into top shelf Western weddings without missing a beat.

To maximize value, we offer super realistic faux florals that are perfect for suspended installations like these, where they enhance the overall effect but aren"t subject to close inspection. Splurge on live florals for the base, and be good to your bottom line without sacrificing style or effect.

2nd photo: Wondering how to transform a blah ballroom into a unique event venue? Look no further than customized cabinetry, chandeliers and bead curtains. Working seamlessly with cobalt event lighting and gorgeous metallic furniture, our in stock and custom order event products are staple features of elegant weddings around the world. Whether you"re fully adopting this luxury concept, or want to experiment with it to create a focal point in your cake table, sweetheart table, or other area, we have the core pieces that you need to get this designer look. Best of all, our pieces are versatile and reusable, so you can use them for event after event, season after season, and look after look.

Warning: Dramatic Features Overhead

3rd photo: This gorgeous installation hardly needs an introduction: It"s the overhead chandelier, taken to a level of art. Crystal bead strands, ornaments, and Edison lights are just a few of the elements that collaborate in this stunner of a floral chandelier. We adore the swagged fabric ceiling, which focuses attention squarely on this dramatic feature. As any experienced event designer will tell you, spending well on a single worthy design element like this one is by far the best splurge for impact and memorability.

4th photo: This romantic nighttime ceilingscape features branches, generous layers of fairy lights and lanterns. Glowing candlelight effects always make us weak in the knees, and this whimsical nighttime tented ceremony space is a paragon of all things subtle, light filled, and gorgeous. (For the lanterns, we recommend our uber realistic flameless candles as a safe, low maintenance, worry free alternative to real flames.)

Whether you"re a Southeast Asian bride bringing the best of today"s wedding trends to your big day, or a Western bride looking for inspiration in some of the most drool-worthy trends that are hot right now, dramatic backdrops and statement chandeliers are signature features that offer a huge return on your investment. We scour the globe to find the best quality products at competitive prices so that we can be your trusted, one-stop shop for wedding and event Decor products, whether you"re planning one event of a lifetime, or weekly galas from April through December.

And our super friendly, just plain nice customer service folks know the top trends, our products, and the logistical imperatives that will make planning your next event smooth and hassle-free. Let us help you find the Decor pieces that will take your events to the next level of trend-setting design. And, bonus: we"re experienced enough in every size and type of event to help you keep the back-end of your business budget friendly, value rich, and logistically stress free.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you find the event products that pack the most value for your design dollar.
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