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Outdoor Weddings Sparkle with Crystal Chandeliers as Focal Point DŽcor

Outdoor Weddings Sparkle with Crystal Chandeliers as Focal Point DŽcor

Crystal Chandeliers Complement the Natural Beauty of Waterfront Wedding Receptions
If you’re fortunate enough to plan a wedding in a venue that has true natural splendor, like the waterfront retreat in the main photo, your number one décor challenge is likely to be balancing the existing beauty in the outdoor scene with sufficiently powerful event décor. As you can see, our Crystal Chandeliers are an ideal option, as they add day-to-night sparkle, exude elegance and work in concert with the glittering blue water in the distance.

We have so many to die for crystal chandelier options in stock and ready to select that you really can’t go wrong, but the options can be overwhelming at first. Whether you need packable options like our folding chandeliers (yes, you read that correctly and no, they do not look like they would fold, but they do), or you want large chandeliers dripping with crystals like the ones at this gorgeous wedding, we have you covered with so many possibilities that are just a few days’ shipping away. Need some advice? We have top flight people in customer service, and they can help you choose just the right chandeliers for any job AND get them shipped in time for you next event.

Crystal Chandeliers within a Floral Chandelier: Suspended Perfection
In the 2nd photo, this floral chandelier – crystal chandelier hybrid fabulousness is almost too perfect for words. We love everything about it: the Cascading Crystal Bead Strands, the use of multiple crystal chandeliers within the floral circle, and of course the ingenious melding of the wedding reception and the great outdoors by combining natural and manmade elements.

Want to see the installation in detail? We get that 100%. We did, too. In the 3rd photo, take a look at this up close and personal view of the florals and beads, and be amazed ~ and inspired by the stunning design concept and flawless execution in I Am Flower’s work.

In the 4th photo, are you wondering how versatile this installation is, and what your return on investment will look like? We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll see tons of demand for it, and we can prove that it looks amazing ~ and completely custom ~ in a variety of settings. From the dramatic nighttime wedding reception to the classic English garden soirée, the floral chandelier + crystal chandelier marriage is built to last. And by replacing live florals with our virtually indistinguishable Faux Florals, you bring added value to each client and can reuse the setup in its entirety. Add some of our Gold Candelabras to your tablescapes, and complete the elegant country estate wedding vibe.

Crystal Chandeliers Work the Room at a Wine Country Estate
Few things say casual refinement like a wine country wedding, and the rustic chic reception area in the last photo is no exception. We adore the green canopy, the suspended crystal chandeliers and the light strands that accent the resident tree trunks. The farmhouse table aesthetic is elevated by anchoring the tabletop on wine casks, and we are suckers for a good Grapevine Inspired Table Runner.

Whether you’re well versed in the use of event specific chandeliers or want to learn how they can take your business to the next level, we have the nicest customer service folks in the event business waiting to help you at 1-928-855-6075. They know our product lines, they know the event business, and they will help you get the best return on your investment in both visual and budgetary impact. Let us show you why the most recognizable names (and faces) in the event décor industry choose ShopWildThings over and over again when they need stunning custom pieces or ready to ship décor items for marquee weddings and events.
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