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Featured Designer Tamara Wendt: LED Lighting & Decor Essentials

Featured Designer Tamara Wendt: LED Lighting & Decor Essentials

It’s hard to believe with August heat still spelling summer in so many places that wedding and reception pros are already planning their booths for the season of bridal expos and bridal fairs that ushers in the Christmas-New Year’s-Valentine’s trifecta of marriage proposals.

One of our favorite event designers, Tamara Wendt of Tamara Wendt Design, is already wowing us with stunning looks for event planning fairs, not to mention a full season of weddings.

We love to see the original uses that she finds for decor staples ~ to our way of thinking, it’s this ability to put fabulous pieces together in innovative ways, week after week, that really make a professional event planner worth every penny (and more).

For instance in the main photo, take a look at the way that Tamara combines Chandeliers, feathers, candles, and LED lighting for a space that is high style and high energy. The cobalt blue downlighting shown here lends a dramatic nightclub feel to the event space, and the LED Uplighting is a subtle touch that makes a major impact with a minor effect on the budget. Hint: There are LEDs inside the vases with the ostrich feathers and in the chandelier riser centerpieces, which make a great counterpoint against the strong blue event lighting. If the whole chandelier-as-centerpiece-on-a-riser-with-LED thing sounds super-duper-complicated, check out these Centerpiece Kits and for a demo on how to take apart and put back together, check out this video. Totally doable, truly transformative, and budget-friendly to boot.

In the 2nd photo, we love Tamara’s use of lighted spheres, LED-lit cubes, and this stunning indoor tent to create architectural interest and a soft, sexy space within a large ballroom. What a cool way to put your event’s distinctive stamp on a large venue and the tiers of warm candlelight from Votives and Wine Glass Vases work with cooler LED lighting in and around the tent.

The 3rd photo shows another look at the formidable combination of bead curtains, chandeliers, and LED and event lighting. And the best part? These reusable items are some of the most cost effective event decor solutions that you can find. We know that Tamara’s a genius because we *know* that she takes many of the same basics and uses them to change the look of event space after event space, week after week. (Visit Tamara Wendt Design on Facebook, and you can see how she delivers custom, personalized events, week after week.)

A lot of these are our products, and we’re *still* amazed at how different they look in the hands of a gifted event designer.

Did you want to see a closeup of those gorgeous tables in the 4th photo? Who guessed crystal strands draped in a Manzanita Tree, embellished with hot pink florals and votives? And btw, we never get sick of hot pink.

The final photo shows one last tablescape, using the same chandelier centerpiece kit and the same wine glass vases that you’ve seen in the photographs above, combined with a gorgeous suspended chandelier and luxe table linens. Totally romantic, and a completely different look in this setting.

Whether you’re an experienced design professional, or you are just beginning to imagine that you can translate a unique vision for an event space, we know that you will find a multitude of uses for LED lighting and decor essentials at your events, week in and week out. We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality products along with great customer service, and we’d love to see how you use Shop Wild Things decor solutions in your events.

All images courtesy of Tamara Wendt Designs; all of the weddings and events designed and coordinated by Tamara Wendt are produced by A One Event Rental.
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