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Fabric Ceiling Decorations

Hide an ugly ceiling with these unique ShopWildThings solutions.Especially for weddings and events, our senses are already heightened when entering the ceremony and reception areas and our Ceiling Drape "Clouds" will absolutely overwhelm your guests and take their breath away! We also create TOTALLY custom installations in our fabrication department. Did you see something amazing on Pinterest? Shoot us a photo and let's see if we can get it done! Make sure to pop around other areas of the website where we have Crystal Ceiling Curtains and other Beaded Curtains that have a rod on the top and the bottom so that they can be swagged on the ceiling as well!

fabric ceiling drapes

Fabric Ceiling Decor

If you've been looking for a new and exciting way to catch the attention of every guest that enters your event hall, let us present our Fabric Ceiling Décor Pieces! These pieces are downright heavenly and you just want to keep staring at them.

Our Clouds Canopy is 10' wide by 20' long and completely covers an area of 200 feet. The fabric backing hugs the ceiling yet lets light shine through and the puffy clouds drape down 18". This canopy only weighs 7.5 lbs. and there are 42 loops around the perimeter to secure it to the ceiling and for outdoor weddings or receptions, you can wire tie this Cloud to Pipe and Drape Kits. Dreamy and elegant!

When you need to add that something special over the head table or dance floor, our fabric ceiling décor pieces will meet and exceed your expectations!